Valentine’s Day 2024

Valentine's Day 2024

Happy Valentine’s Day, Bears! We hope you enjoy spending time with your loved ones today. Drop by the tables at the Douglas and Henry Regional Academic Centers and the Swilley Library in Atlanta to grab some candy and giveaways!

If you are located near the Tarver Library, check out their Valentine’s Day Events below.

  • Guess How Many (February 7 – 28): Guess how many Starbursts are in the jar and submit your answer to the “Valentine’s Giveaway Box.” The winner will be announced on February 28 and will receive a gift box with stickers, snacks, and other Valentine’s Day gifts.


  • Valentine’s Arts and Crafts (February 14): Join the Tarver Library for a Valentine’s Day craft event to make friendship bracelets, cards, and pipe cleaner flowers! All supplies will be provided so just bring your creativity. Make something for you or for someone important to you! Event will take place February 14th from 1-3 PM on the 2nd floor of the Tarver Library.
Valentine's Day 2024
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