Student Research Awards

The University Libraries offers two awards for excellence in student research:

2022 Student Research Award Winners

Monroe F. Swilley, Jr. Student Research Award

  • Priyal Bagwe, Winner
    “Intranasal Vaccination with Inactivated Gonorrhea Vaccine Induces Immunity in Mice”
  • Suhani Patel, Runner-up
    “Tolvaptan: A Disease Modifying Therapy for Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease”

Valerie B. Edmonds Student Research Award

  • Amelia Patrick, Winner
    “India’s Gender Gap in Secondary Education: An Analysis of Cultural Factors”
    IAF 400 (Senior Capstone), with Dr. Eimad Houry as faculty support
  • Evelyn Johnson, Runner-up
    “Merge and Move Out: The Cultural Homogenization of the Russian Jewish Immigrant in World War 1”
    HIS 495 (Senior Research Seminar), with Dr. Abigail Dowling as faculty support
  • Kendall Webb, Honorable Mention
    “Elaine: A Forgotten Legacy”
    HIS 295 (Historian’s Craft), with Dr. Matt Harper as faculty support
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