Edmonds Research Award, 2022

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Valerie B. Edmonds Student Research Award 2022

The Mercer University Libraries has awarded the 2022 Valerie B. Edmonds Student Research Award to Amelia Patrick for her project “India’s Gender Gap in Secondary Education: An Analysis of Cultural Factors” for her IAF 400 (Senior Capstone) course, with Dr. Eimad Houry as faculty support.

Evelyn Johnson has been chosen and the runner-up for “Merge and Move Out: The Cultural Homogenization of the Russian Jewish Immigrant in World War 1” from the HIS 495 (Senior Research Seminar) course, with Dr. Abigail Dowling as faculty support. Honorable mention is awarded to Kendall Webb  for “Elaine: A Forgotten Legacy” for the HIS 295 (Historian’s Craft) course, with Dr. Matt Harper as faculty support.

The Edmonds Award recognizes excellence in undergraduate research projects that incorporate the use of the University Libraries’ collections and services and demonstrate exceptional information literacy skills on the part of the undergraduate researcher. The intent of the Valerie B. Edmonds Student Research Award is to celebrate student engagement in original research in all academic disciplines and to promote extensive and meaningful use of library resources and services.

The award honors long-time librarian and student mentor, Valerie B. Edmonds, whose tireless service to students and faculty over a thirty-year career exemplified passion and commitment to scholarship and research.

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