Flyers Policy (Tarver)

The Tarver Library provides three bulletin boards for the purpose of posting student/faculty flyers.  Two bulletin boards are located on the back wall near the 2nd floor student computers and one is located in the Commuter’s Lounge.

  • Persons wishing to post a flyer should take their flyer to the Circulation Desk located on the 2nd floor of the library
  • Circulation staff should inform the requestor that the flyer will be given to the Public Services Librarian for approval/disapproval and posting
  • The requestor’s name/e-mail address/phone number should be written on the back of the flyer
  • The Public Services Librarian will initial approved flyers and post them on all three bulletin boards (provided three copies are supplied).
  • The Public Services Librarian will monitor the bulletin boards and remove outdated flyers.
  • In the event the Public Services Librarian is unavailable, the Building Steward will act as the backup for approving and posting flyers
  • Circulation staff will remove any flyers or table tents that have been posted in areas other than the bulletin boards.  These include walls, doors, windows, tables, restrooms, etc.  These will be placed on a shelf labeled for the Building Steward behind the circulation desk.  The Building Steward will route unapproved flyers to Campus Life for any needed action.
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