Faculty Research Carrel Policies & Procedures (Tarver)

    1. Faculty research carrels are generally assigned in August for the academic year.
    2. Applications will be reviewed on a first come, first served basis.
    3. Carrel space is not guaranteed and is dependent upon several factors including: a successful application, a recommendation from the faculty’s Dean, and approval from the Tarver Library Director or Vice Provost for the University Libraries
    4. Faculty/retired faculty members who currently occupy carrels, will be notified by email when their present carrel assignment term is about to end, and they may renew the agreement or terminate it.
    5. Faculty members who choose to terminate the agreement will have 30 days after the end date to remove their personal belongings. Afterwards, the library will discard any personal belongings remaining in the space.
    6. Carrel assignments are renewable depending on usage of the carrel and demand from other faculty members for a carrel. If there is a waiting list, the carrel with the least usage will be vacated to accommodate the next person on the waiting list.
    7. Only Macon-based undergraduate campus teaching or retired faculty may obtain a Tarver Library faculty carrel. Medical and Law faculty are ineligible.
    8. Carrel privileges are non-transferable. Students, colleagues, friends, or family members may not use a faculty carrel.
    9. Carrel keys are kept at the Circulation desk and are checked in/out upon each instance of use. A $25 replacement fee is charged for lost key replacement
    10. Faculty may keep circulating materials in carrels if they are properly checked out.
    11. Any non-circulating materials (periodicals, reference items, newspapers, et al) may not be stored in carrels.
    12. The carrel assigned to an individual is covered by the Library’s Confidentiality policy. In the event of an emergency, a library employee will contact the faculty member within the carrel
    13. Carrels are not soundproof. Any conversation in carrels may be heard in surrounding carrels.
    14. Carrels may not substitute as office space
    15. While the Tarver Library will take reasonable measures to protect the security of carrel contents, liability for personal items, such as laptop computers, left in carrels rests with the owners.
    16. Carrels are available for use during regular library hours only.
    17. If a carrel occupant would like to have the space cleaned, please contact the Circulation Department at (478) 301-2961.
    18. With respect to conduct while utilizing space in the University Libraries, current or retired faculty members who occupy carrels will abide by the following:
      • Agree to treat all Library staff and patrons with dignity and respect, and in accordance with stated Federal, State and University polices, as found here: https://hr.mercer.edu/policies/
      • Agree to maintain the carrel and surrounding space in a clean and orderly fashion, suitable for a professional work environment. This includes, but is not limited to, abstaining from excessive storage of books, materials, or personal items
      • Agree that Library staff has the right to inspect all carrels, locked or unlocked, at any time without notice or faculty presence
      • Agree that library staff may confiscate any library materials which are non-circulating (Reference or print periodicals), or which have not been properly checked out
      • Agree to report any existing damage to the carrel and surrounding areas to Library administration
      • Agree that any violation of Library policy with respect to staff interactions, resources, or space will be reported to the Library Director, wherein the carrel agreement will be subject to review.
      • Agree that any repeated or egregious violation(s) of Library policy with respect to staff interactions, resources, or space will be subject to immediate termination of the carrel agreement, and if necessary, expulsion from the University Libraries.
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