Food & Drink Policy (Tarver)

Food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed in the Jack Tarver Library except in the following areas:

  • Special Collections
  • Jack Tarver Room
  • Any area with a posted “No food or drink” sign

Please be considerate of others, and remember the first and third floor is a quiet area.

  • Use of covered containers for beverages is appreciated. Pour liquids into restroom sink before recycling or discarding containers.
  • Place all trash in wastebaskets or recycling bins as appropriate.
  • Clean up spills, and notify a staff member immediately to minimize damage to facilities or materials. Paper towels are available in all restrooms.
  • Vending machines are located on the first floor in the 24-hour study area.
  • Food and drinks may not be stored in the library overnight.
  • Other University Library locations may establish food and drink policies appropriate to their facilities, resources, and patrons. Please check posted policies to ensure compliance
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