Course Reserves Policy and Procedure

by Jeremy M. Brown last modified 2012-01-11T18:27:17-04:00

Purpose of Course Reserves

Course reserves provide instructors with a way to make limited supplies of required & supplemental course materials available to students in a timely and equitable manner. Course reserves are available on a first-come, first-served basis during normal library hours.

Electronic reserves are available online from any computer with Internet access.

For detailed course reserve policies, course reserve forms, and copyright resources, see the Reserves main page. Instructors are especially encouraged to consult our section, Copyright Law Guidelines.


Course Reserves Policies and Procedures

"Items" refer to, but are not limited to, books, articles, periodical issues (excluding library owned), article reprints, audio & videotapes, computer software, and class syllabi, and lecture notes. Contact the library for special requests.

  1. Course Reserves Request Form must be completed before material can be processed for reserves.
  2. Reserve requests should be submitted a minimum of one week before they are assigned. Reserve items will NOT circulate until processed.
  3. Reserve items are limited to 20, unless other arrangements are made with the library.
  4. Faculty must provide photocopies (Note: To ensure quick download, no more than 50 pages for e-reserve).
  5. All items, including personal copies, will have labels and/or barcodes permanently attached.
  6. Electronic reserve items are not archived and all photocopies are returned at the end semester.
  7. All items will be removed from reserve at the end of the semester.
  8. To place copies of student work on reserve, you must have written permission from that student.
  9. The following items may be placed on print reserve an unlimited number of semesters:
  • Library owned items
  • Faculty or departmental owned items (excluding unauthorized copies (duplicated) of audio/visual or software products)
  • Items produced for or by Mercer University (excludes items published my Mercer University Press)
  • Unpublished items authored by the requesting faculty member.
  • The Library will not place items on reserve without permission if the nature, scope, or extent is judged by the library to exceed limits of fair use.
  • All reproductions placed on reserve will include a notice of copyright.

        The Library reserves the right to grant or refuse reserve status for a textbook on a case-by-case basis.

        Fair Use Restrictions


        "Fair use" guidelines prohibit use of copyrighted materials from term to term, or using more than one article from a single journal issue, or more than one chapter from a book without obtaining permission.

        The library will request permission on behalf of faculty. The library will assume the cost of royalties up to $10 per request. Faculty are responsible for charges over $10 per request. You will be notified of any changes. All approved charges will be billed to the requesting faculty’s department/school.