Printing & Photocopying

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Bear Print

Bear Print is Mercer University's pay-for-print system that allows you to use your own personal computer or a Mercer computer lab workstation to print documents to any pay-for-print printer on campus. Using Bear Print, you can print your document and pick it up at your convenience!

Please note:

  • Printing has now changed from PrintMe to Bear Print! 
  • You must have a tap ID to use the system. 
  • Visit for a pricing list and help page for Bear Print services.
  • Please contact Atlanta Copy Center or Macon Print & Mail (Auxiliary Services) for special and volume requests.
  • Refunds are made by Auxiliary Services.

Printing Using Bear Print

In order to print using Bear Print from your personal computer, you must:

To print a document to a Bear Print printer:

  1. In your document, select Print from the File menu.
  2. Select the Bear Print queue that corresponds to your printing needs from the drop-down list.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Select your color preference--black/white or color. (Color printers are only available at select locations.)
  5. Enter your Mercer University ID number (MUID) or five-digit Visitor Card number. This number will be used to retrieve your print job at the release station.
  6. Visit any of the pay-for-print locations to print your document. Your document will be available to print for 12 hours, after which it will be deleted.

For more information about Bear Print, detailed instructions, or assistance, please visit