Chappell Classroom Usage Policy

by Jeremy M. Brown last modified 2016-08-16T13:44:15-04:00

The Archie Chappell Classroom in the Tarver Library may be used by members of the Mercer University community under the following guidelines:

General Policies:

  • The Chappell Classroom is the primary instructional facility for the Tarver Library. It is designed to be used by librarians to provide research instruction sessions and demonstrations; these instruction sessions have priority over all other uses of the room.
  • Mercer University faculty and staff may reserve the classroom for instructional purposes, at our discretion. Reservations generally do not exceed four hours and are not scheduled on a regular recurring basis.
  • The classroom may be reserved and used by library staff for library-related business.
  • Although the room may be reserved for other purposes, librarian-facilitated instruction sessions take precedence over all other bookings, regardless of when the request is made. 
  • When the classroom is open and not reserved for another purpose, anyone in the space must leave the door open and the room accessible to others.
  • No library computer may be used for illegal or unethical activities.
  • No software may be added to or removed from the classroom computers without prior permission of the Dean of Libraries.
  • No one may alter, tamper, revise or otherwise change any software, hardware, or classroom equipment.
  • Exercise courtesy. Keep the volume low, talk quietly, return furniture and any equipment to their original locations, etc.

Standard Equipment

  • 18 workstations
  • 1 secured instruction/presentation station
  • Interactive projection equipment
  • 2 tables and 10 chairs for group work

Available Equipment

For scheduled events and instruction sessions, Mercer faculty and staff may check out the following items at the Circulation Desk:

  • A key to access the projection computer, including the projector remote, interactive pens, and whiteboard markers
  • A presentation remote

Please see a librarian to be logged in to the presentation computer if not using a laptop.

Individual Use

When not in use for instruction or other purposes as described above, the classroom is available for individual student use on a first come, first served basis. E-mail and other online activities are allowed, but priority is given to course-related research. Please see the University Libraries Computing Equipment Usage Policy for general guidelines.

Reserving the Room

Faculty who wish to schedule their classes for library instruction should complete the online request form at least one week in advance of the anticipated visit. Requests made with with less than one week's advance notice will be accommodated at our discretion.

To reserve the Chappell Classroom for other purposes, faculty and staff should contact Kim Eccles at 678-547-6271.