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last modified Dec 23, 2014 12:00 PM

The Technical Services unit at Tarver Library makes arrangements for theses, dissertations, and research projects to be bound by the HF Group.

Shipments to the bindery are scheduled three times per year. Bound materials are returned to the library about four weeks later and checked for accuracy before being sent through campus mail to the the appropriate faculty member.

Manuscripts may be submitted to the library for binding at other times of the year; however, rush jobs are billed for shipping.


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Instructions for packaging

All manuscripts must be securely packaged in boxes (or in heavy folders secured with rubber bands). If more than one copy is placed in a box or folder, copies should be separated with colored paper.

All packages should be accompanied by the appropriate form:

Theses and dissertations requiring approval from the provost's office should be accompanied by the official Mercer University binding form (available on the Provost's Department website)  and a receipt from the bursar's office indicating that funds have been deposited in the provost's office binding account.

  • Research projects requiring approval only from the dean of the college or school should be accompanied by a project binding form and a check made out to Tarver Library thesis account (or arrangements must be made with the library to transfer funds).
  • If not using campus mail, address manuscripts to:

Mercer University, Jack Tarver Library
1300 Edgewood Ave.
Macon, GA 31207
attn: Glen Williams-Grant


    Please follow all guidelines provided by your college or school. Binding color codes are available on the HF Group website.

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