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MU requires a written record of the copyright diligence performed for each item to be published in a collection that is accessible by the general public. Ideally, the copyright status of every item to be digitized will be determined by the collection holder before the item is digitized. The record of copyright diligence can include a scanned copy of the permission received, a description of the process undertaken (if no copyright information is successfully located), and/or the official record discovered.

MU has included the following table to use as a starting point when creating digital objects from materials for which MU does not hold the copyright.


Copyright chart


The copyright on musical recordings is very complex, but generally assume that a copyright exists on materials that have been professionally produced.

If you have questions about copyright, feel free to contact the MU. A useful copyright tool can be found here:

Items that appear to be protected by copyright and have no written record of copyright diligence may not be published in online collections available to the general public until the status of the items is at least discussed with MU.