Collection Development Policy

last modified 2013-10-31T10:30:19-04:00

Just like a physical library, a repository cannot contain all content that is available. We wish to concentrate on items that capture, preserve, and communicate the diversity of intellectual output of Mercer University, and those that support its mission.


  • Materials must support the overall mission of Mercer University: "to teach, to learn, to create, to discover, to inspire, to empower and to serve."
  • Materials must have some intrinsic value that merits digitization.
  • Materials must have a pedagogical purpose.


  • Items should be original. They should not duplicate other readily available content.
  • Items may be restricted by the donor in the following ways:
  1. There are no restrictions.
  2. Items can be only viewed on campus.
  3. Items can be only viewed by Mercer affiliates, as identified by a current Mercer login.
  4. Items have an embargo period during which only the metadata is visible. After the embargo period, access to the digital object(s) will be granted.
  • Materials are either in public domain or permissions have been obtained from copyright holder.
  • Material has sufficient information available for the creation of descriptive metadata, such as who created the work, and its provenance (origin).
  • Items can easily be digitized without damaging the original.