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What is URSA?

An acronym for "University Research, Scholarship, and Archives" and named for Ursa Major, URSA is Mercer University’s institutional repository. It serves as a space where we collect, digitize, organize, and share materials of interest to the Mercer University community and beyond.

We select and display materials based upon a variety of factors including their uniqueness, potential for curriculum support, and appeal to a broader audience. By digitizing these materials, URSA opens them up to users everywhere, enhances access by subject and keyword searching, and reduces wear and tear on the originals.

Our Mission

Mercer University's mission is to teach, to learn, to create, to discover, to inspire, to empower, and to serve. URSA supports Mercer University in these efforts by collecting, preserving, and promoting the intellectual output of the university and community.

Our Collections

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Our Historic Campus: HistoryPin Tour

Tour the historic Mercer campus by visiting our online collection on HistoryPin. 

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Contribute to our Collections

Please see our Collection Development policy to see some of the materials that we are interested in digitizing.

If you are interested in adding your collection to the repository, please email Kat Sheriff. She will be happy to work with you to organize and describe the materials in your collection.