Student Research Award Previous Winners

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2015 Recipient

Jeremy Reardon. Winner edmonds2015
"'A Kind of Terror and Despair': Problems in Civil War Medicine,"                       
HIS 495 (Research Seminar in History), with Dr. J. Tom Scott as faculty support                                                  

Deanna Smith. Runner-up
"Racial Perceptions Promoted in Legislation, Media, and Marketing After the Civil War," 
HIS 495 (Research Seminar in History), with Dr. J. Tom Scott as faculty support


Pictured: Deanna Smith (Runner-up) and Jeremy Reardon (Winner)


2014 Recipient

Sony Prosper. Winner  SonyValeriePage                                                                                                                                                          
"Principle for Peace: Atlanta Student Movement and the Shift from Racial Uplift Ideology to Democratic Leadership,"
HIS 495 (Research Seminar in History), Fall 2013, with Sarah Gardner as faculty support

Colleen Closson. Runner-up
"The Cost of Secession: Civil War Prisons in American Periodicals,"
HIS 356 (Civil War & Reconstruction), Fall 2013, with Sarah Gardner as faculty support


Pictured: Sony Prosper (Winner) and Valerie Edmonds


2013 Recipient

Audrey H. Hyde. Winner
Sophie's Choice As a Cathartic Novel: An Analysis Using the Theories of Paul Ricoeur
Written for David Davis' English course

Brittani Howell. Runner-up
The Tough Subject: Jo's Dual Nature in Bleak House
Written for Jonathan Glance's English course


Pictured: Audrey Hyde (Winner) and Valerie Edmonds




2012 Recipient

Sean Rayburn (English). Winner 2012EdmondsWinnerSean
Faulkner and the Old Testament: The Thematic Skeleton of Absalom! Absalom!
Written for David Davis' ENG 301 course

There was no Runner-up for 2012.


Pictured: Valerie Edmonds and Sean Rayburn (Winner)






2011 Recipients

Stephen Kearse (English). Winner
Defying Objectivity: An Exploration of Ethnocentrism in Jonah's Gourd Vine

Laurel McCormack (International Affairs). Runner-up
Modern Religious Missions: Western Imperialism or Natural Competition?


Pictured: Valerie Edmonds and Stephen Kearse (Winner)







2010 Recipients

Carl Lewis (Southern Studies/Journalism & Media Studies). Winner
Thomas Nelson Page's Cultural Theft: "Marse Chan" and "Meh Lady" as Blackface Performance

Mitch Nutt (Music). Runner-up
"Synthesizing the Divine Arts": A Study of Gesamtkunstwerk and Its Evolution


Pictured: Carl Lewis (Winner) and Valerie Edmonds




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