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INT 301 Lewis

last modified Apr 28, 2016 04:30 PM

Hello! This guide is intended to collect most of the resources you will need to complete your Religion Profile in a single place. However, you may need to go beyond the resources contained here - this is only a starting point! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Amy Gratz (contact info at right), or take advantage of our Ask Jack services!

Recommended Databases

Discovery - use the Advanced Search page to construct your search with limits for discipline, language, date range, and source type. You can then further refine your results list using the options on the left of the results page. Remember to look for books on your topic as well as articles! Run an additional search while limiting to "Catalog Only" to find books and ebooks.

Research Library (ProQuest) - a general database providing articles on a wide variety of topics. Use the advanced search page to construct a limited search (as described above). I also highly recommend changing your search default from "Anywhere" to "Anywhere except full text" in the dropdown box. This will bring back more focused and relevant results for most searches.

Social Science Journals (ProQuest) - This resource will provide articles primarily on the cultural and societal aspects of religions, There may be some overlap with the results you find in Discovery, but the majority of the resources contained here are not included in a Discovery search.

ATLA Religion with ATLA Serials (EBSCO) - This database provides resources on all aspects of religion. Although the results are included in Discovery searches, this resource is worth searching separately for more focused searches.

JSTOR - This database contains primarily older works, so it will be most helpful for finding information on the historical background of your religious group. Use the advanced search page and the search techniques described here to construct a focused search. I recommend searching in this database after you have gotten a good feel for your topic and what keywords work best.

ProQuest Newspapers - Search here for newspaper articles from around the world. These resources can be a useful supplement to the bulk of your research, but should not be the focus.

Course Reserve

The book The Brazilians by Joseph A. Page has been placed on course reserve for your class. Although it is 20 years old, it provides an excellent overview of the history and culture of Brazil to that point. Dr. Lewis has placed the most relevant chapter on electronic reserve (simply use the course number for your password to access it), and the entire book is available for use in the library - check it out at the Circulation Desk for 2 hours at a time.

Recommended Websites and Articles

Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs - This website contains a variety of articles and other information on religions and religious issues around the world. I recommend starting either with your specific religion, or with a search for Brazil (see upper right corner).

ReligionFacts - This website is a privately operated resource purporting to provide unbiased, factual information about religions around the world. Sources are provided for each article, but I recommend using this source with some caution, and only to supplement the information you find elsewhere.

ARDA - Global Attitudes Project 2013 and Brazil Religion Survey 2007 - These surveys provide some raw data on the religious, social, political, and global views of people in Brazil. There are many other surveys and reports on the site which you may also wish to explore.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops: Foundational Documents - A listing of various documents describing the origin and beliefs of this religious group.

The Rio Times - a respected English-language newspaper with current news from Rio de Janeiro in particular and Brazil in general. You may also want to check out other online news sources.


Earthly Concerns: The Promise and Perils of a Papal Visit. 2013.

Brazilian Believers of Hidden Religion Step out of Shadows. 2013.

Discovering Islam in Rio and Brazil. 2013.


Chicago Manual of Style - this online guide is maintained by the Purdue OWL, and provides examples of most source types. If you need additional assistance, the entire manual is available at the Circulation Desk for use in the library. You can also contact Ask Jack for citation checking and assistance - just be sure to mention which citation style you are using!

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