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Tarver Library Curriculum Materials Collection

by Christian S. Pham last modified Feb 16, 2016 11:04 AM


Due to the generosity of the Tift College of Education, initial Curriculum Materials Collection (CMC) was added to the libraries.  Purchase recommendations are encouraged for this collection and can be made by completing this form.

Separate collections are available in Macon (Tarver), in Atlanta (Swilley), and at the Douglas County and Henry County Regional Academic Centers.  This guide walks through how to conduct a separate search of items contained only in these collections.  The map feature incorporated into the library catalog record provides a shelf location for items.

It is important to remember that media, DVDs and VHS tapes, are shelved with the other media items than within the CMC.

Searching for CMC items at Tarver:

Begin at the libraries website, using the Catalog tab in the upper left-hand side of the screen.  Note:  It is important to select the catalog search rather than the Discovery search tab.

  • This keyword search for reading limited to Tarver Curriculum Materials returns 9 items.  A closer look at two of the records reveals more helpful information:

    • Location, call number, and status are available for each title.  This way you can quickly identify if an item is available, checked out, on hold, or recently returned.
    • Some titles also include an enhanced record, such as the second entry in our keyword search on reading.  This enhanced record can include additional information on the title such as summary and table of contents and biographical information on the author.


  • Only one of these enhanced elements is displayed at a time, and the default is to expand the summary.  Clicking the arrow next to the Table of Contents will allow that element to be expanded.  You can also click on the link at the top of the record to display the table of contents.
  • An added feature is a map to the actual shelf location of this title. 



CMC items at other locations:

You can also search the library catalog and limit your search to CMC items at the Swilley Library.  These records include all of the information seen above for Tarver Library items.  If an item is available at another location, you can request that it be sent to the Tarver Library.  This may take up to five business days to be received, but it can save you from making a trip!  It is important to note that although you cannot limit a search to CMC materials available at the Douglas or Henry County sites, you can limit to the entire collections that are housed at the Regional Academic Center libraries.

  • A keyword search for reading limited to CMC items at Swilley (Atlanta) returns 52 items.  To request this item to be sent to you, simply click the Request this title link:

  • Complete the form with your name and MUID (Mercer University ID) and then select a pickup location.  Items can be sent to Douglas County, Eastman, Henry County, Tarver (Macon), or Newnan.


If you have any questions about the collection, please use the contact information on the right-hand side of the screen to contact the Education Subject Librarian.

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