DMin Project Theses

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This is a list of the DMin project theses in the Swilley LIbrary; these can be checked out.  Electronic access is available through ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global.

Beginning in 2017, theses and dissertations will no longer be bound as printed copies and put in the library.  Instead, access will be through the Institutional Repository, URSA (University Research, Scholarship, and Archives).

Anderson, Kate
Engaging the Sacred: Relational Spirituality Training for Direct Support Staff of Cedar Lake Lodge
NOTE: We do not have a print copy of this project.  It is available in DIssertations and Theses Full Text (ProQuest).
It is also available in the Mercer Institutional Repository, URSA.

BV4501.2 .B53 2008
Bigger, William John
Spiritual Practices : A Strategy to Increase the Sensitivity of Briarcliff Baptist Church Members to God's Activity

LB2386 .B53 2014
Blevins, Rhonda Abbott
Forty Days of Thanks: Investigating the Correlations Between Gratitude and Joy at the Tellico Village Community Church

BV4070.M3 B8 2009
Bumpus, James Louis
From Monument to Ministry: An Analysis of the Impact of Relocation on a Historic African American Congregation From Downtown Macon to Bloomfield Gardens Community 

LB2386 .D48 2015
Devane, Patrick Andrew
Looking Back to Look Forward: Engaging the History of First Baptist Church of Jamestown, North Carolina to Shape its Future

LB2386 .F53 2015
Flakes, Johnny H., III
A Critical Assessment of Partners in Christ Caring Ministry: A Study at the Fourth Street Missionary Baptist Church

LB2386 .G735 2014
Gregg, Michael Lynn
Becoming Strangers: Discovering the Presence of God by Receiving Hospitality in Communities Outside Northside Drive Baptist Church

BX6480.C248 H4 2013
Hall, Jake Ellis
Telling Stories and Revealing Narratives: Identifying and Articulating Expressions of Local Ecclesiology at Heritage Baptist Fellowship in Canton, Georgia

BX6480.A74 B7 2013
Handlon, Ronald William
A Case Study of the Guest-Assimilation System at Buckhead Baptist Church

LB2386 .H265 2014
Harris, Jeffrey Carter
Rest for Your Souls: Exploring Homiletical Renewal and Lectio Divina

Henson, John
Developing Empathy From Storytelling in the Congregational Diversity of Church for the Highlands

NOTE: We do not have a print copy of this project.  It is available in DIssertations and Theses Full Text (ProQuest).
It is also available in the Mercer Institutional Repository, URSA.

LB2386 .H49 2012
Heys, Patricia F.
A Study of Stories: Biblically-based Creative Writing Exercises as Tools for Recognizing and Learning From Life's Holy Moments

LB2386 .H65 2008
Hollingsworth, James Neil
Christian Leadership Coaching : Implications of Post-Graduate Pastoral Residencies for the Mentoring Curriculum at the McAfee School of Theology

BV4070.M3 J6 2008
Jordan, William T.
Imagining the Church : Old Testament Priesthood as a Model for Christian Ministry

BV4910.9 .L23 2010
LaGuardia, Joseph V.
Toward Spiritual Growth : Implementing Group Spiritual Direction for Caregivers at Trinity Baptist Church, Conyers, Georgia

LB2386 .L258 2012
Lankford, Tony
Cultivating Good Soil at Park Avenue Baptist Church, Atlanta, Georgia : Creating Fertile Missional Ground Through Increased Awareness of Local Community Ministries

Lea, Michael S.
The Incarnation of Blessing: How Do Worshipers at First Baptist Church of West Jefferson, NC Experience Blessing in the Confluence of the Sermon and Liturgical Response?
NOTE: We do not have a print copy of this project.  It is available in DIssertations and Theses Full Text (ProQuest).
It is also available in the Mercer Institutional Repository, URSA.

BX6480.R59 L6 2008
Lowe, Jeffrey C.
"I Pray for Riverdale!" : a Community Prayer Ministry as a Catalyst for Missional Change in a Local Congregation

LB2386 .M27 2011
Martin, John M.
Preaching for the Listener : Does Vineville Baptist Church in Macon, Georgia, Prefer Logos, Pathos, or Ethos in Connecting with Sermons?

LB2386 .M67 2012
Morris, Rosevelt
The Effect of Mission Education on Congregational Community Engagement at Lexington Baptist Church, Lexington, South Carolina

LB2386 .M87 2015
Murdock, Kevin Levi
Called: An Exploration of “Vocational Coaching” at First Baptist Church of Griffin, GA

REFERENCE  LB2386 .N26 2016
Nance, Daniel Thomas
A Tailored Fit: Exploring the Effectiveness of Preferred Learning Styles for Students at Central Baptist Church

LB2386 .P35 2013
Penton, Nancy Jean Iacobelli
The Spirituality Pillar: A Study of the impact of a Spiritual Practices Retreat on Certain Employees From Signature HealthCARE, LLC

BX6480.F655 A5 2010
Prather, R. William
An Analysis of a Strategic Planning Process for Renewal at American Baptist Church, Fort Collins, Colorado

BV4070.M3 Q8 2008
Qualls, Charles
Divorce Recovery Ministry as an Application of Miroslav Volf's Theology of Exclusion and Embrace

LB2386 .R44 2014
Reese, Leon Morgan, Jr.
Why So Serious? Evaluating the “Ministry of Fun” at Oak Grove Community Church, McDonough, Georgia

BV4070.M3 R53 2009
Richardson, William Curtis
The Practice of Intentional Intercessory Prayer as a Faith Transforming Strategy at First Canaan Missionary Baptist Church, Scottdale, Georgia : An Analysis

LB2386 .S26 2015
Sanders, David Bruce, Jr.
Transformed to Serve: A Spiritual Gifts Bible Study Informed by Transformative Learning Theory at Sunny Side UMC Sunny Side, Georgia

LB2386 .S53 2011
Shepley, Raymond
The Great Banquet of Luke 14:15-24 as an Equipping Metaphor for Missional Engagement :A Study of the First Baptist Church of Tucker, Georgia

LB2386 .S535 2011
Shirley, Timothy Wade
Toward Diverse and Inclusive Communities of Faith : A Study of Hospitality and Congregational Identity and Receptivity 

BV4070.M3 S46 2009
Shoaf, Rebecca W.
The Examen as Life-Giving Grace : An Analysis

BV4817 .S45 2010
Simpson, Dexter Lane
Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength : A Study of Holistic Adult Faith at Florence Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Florence, Kentucky

Reference    LB2386 .S5855 2017
Smith, Gregory Allen
Memory and Hope : Enabling the Spiritual Formation of Isolated Elders Through Small Group Home Worship

REFERENCE  LB2386 .S7355 2016
Stallins, William Montana
Fomenting a Spirit-led Insurgency: Exploring a Process for Developing a Small Group as Catalyst for Missional Engagement at Second Avenue Baptist Church of Rome, Ga

LB2386 .T56 2011
Thompson, Martin Gregory
Developing a Method of Outreach and Missional Engagement for First Baptist Church, Rockmart, Georgia

LB2386 .T88 2014
Turnmire, Douglas Curtis
Changing the Dance: Improving Ministry Team Leadership Through Education at Young’s Chapel Baptist Church in Mouth of Wilson, Virginia

REFERENCE  LB2386 .W25655 2017
Washington, Donovan Antonio
Identifying the obstacles to racial inclusivity at the Bethany Sevevnth-Day Adventist Church, a historically African American congregation

BV4012.27 .W3 2010
Westbrook, Neil P.
The Institution of Marriage and the Role of the Local Church : a Study at Neel Road Baptist Church in Salisbury, North Carolina

LB2386 .W5 2014
Williams, Betty Ford
Fighting the Good Fight: Understanding the Hospice Advantage Worker’s Spiritual Journey While Battling Compassion Fatigue

LB2386 .W53 2012
Williams, Mark Fulton
A Study Measuring the Effectiveness of the Hebraic Preaching Voice at Lebanon United Methodist Church, Eastover, South Carolina

REFERENCE  LB2386 .W557 2016
Wilson, Larry G.
Reframing the Practice of Preaching in the Sunnyside Missionary Baptist Association

LB2386 .W55 2014
Wilson, Dallas C., Sr.
A Study of What Attracts and Retains Black Men to the Center of Hope Ministry, Church of God in Christ, in Light of Acts 20: 7-10

BV4070.M3 W55 2009
Wilson, Ryan T.
Kingdom of God and Community Ministry : How Different Understandings of the "Kingdom of God" Influence Congregational Orientation of Trinity Baptist Church in Seneca, South Carolina Toward Ministry in the Wider Community

BV4070.M3 W5 2009
Williams, Joseph L.
Pastoral Ethos and Congregational Receptivity

REFERENCE   LB2386  .W557 2016
Wilson, Larry G.
Reframing the Practice of Preaching in the Sunnyside Missionary Baptist Association

BX6480.A74 N6 2010
Wright, Brian
These Two Shall Become One : A Study of the Merger of Northeast Baptist Church and Northwoods Baptist Church, Atlanta, Ga.