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This guide will help you locate appropriate scholarly commentary sources for the assignment "Interpreting the Text." Translations and scholarly commentaries can answer questions about what things were like when the book was written, who the audience was (as implied by the text), what social or institutional setting might have been in place, and general background information on the book as well as specific verses. There are lots of commentaries and other sources that you could eventually find and use to  provide this information. For this assignment, however, we are directing you to three specific commentary sources and three translations:


The New Interpreter’s Bible (NIB)

In Reference: YES

  • BS 491.2 .N484 1994
    • Volume 1: Genesis and Exodus
    • Volume 2: Number, Deuteronomy, and I & II Samuel
    • Volume 3: I &II Kings
    • Volume 4: Job
    • Volume 6: Jeremiah
    • Volume 7: Daniel

Reserve: NO

The Mercer Commentary on the Bible/Old Testament (MCB/MCOT)

In Reference: YES

  • BS 491.2 .M47 1995 (MCB)
  • BS 1151.2 .M47 2003 (MCOT)

Reserve: YES

Old Testament Library (OTL)

In Reference: NO

Reserve: YES

  • BS1235.3 .R3213 1972 (Genesis: A Commentary)
  • BS1245.3 .C45 (The Book of Exodus: A Critical Theological Commentary)
  • BS1265.3 .N613 1968 (Numbers: A Commentary)
  • BS1275.3 .R3 1966 (Deuteronomy: A Commentary; eBook)
  • BS1325.53 .A95 2011 (I & II Samuel: A Commentary; eBook)
  • BS1335.3 .G7 (I & II Kings: A Commentary; eBook)
  • BS1415.3 .H29 1985 (The Book of Job: A Commentary)
  • BS1525.3 .C37 1986 (Jeremiah: A Commentary; eBook)
  • BS1555.3 .P613 (Daniel: A Commentary; eBook)


Tanakh Translation (TT)

In Reference: The Jewish Study Bible

  • BS895 .J4 2014
  • BS895 .J4 2004

Online: NO

New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

In Reference: The New Oxford Annotated Bible: New Revised Standard Version

  • BS191.5.A1 2010 O94 2010

Online: New Revised Standard Version

Good News Bible (GNB)

In Reference: Good News Bible: The Bible in Today's English Version

  • BS195 .T63 1986

Online: Good News Translation

Parallel Bible

This link allows you to select multiple bible translations and to compare the text side-by-side.