REL 130 Introduction to New Testament. Dr. Calhoun

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This will help you find resources for your research paper in Dr. Calhoun's New Testament class.

Finding Books in the Reference Section of the Library

Commentaries are found in the Reference Section as well as in the Stacks (books that can be checked out). 

You can search for commentaries in the online catalog.

Do a SUBJECT search (not a Keyword search) and put it in this format:

Bible Genesis Commentaries or Bible Corinthians 1st Commentaries

Reference Sets


Smyth and Helwys


Anchor Bible

Old Testament Library

Women's Bible Commentary

Women's Bible Commentary, Revised and Expanded Edition

Published by SPCK, London. 2014.

Other Viewpoints
Scripture Search

The Scripture Search will find journal articles and essays on a specific passage.

To conduct the Scripture Search in the ATLA Religion Database:

1.  Click on the Indexes link at the top of the page.

2. In the Browse an Index drop down menu, select Scripture Citation.

3.  In the Browse for box type the book, chapter and verse you want to search. If you are looking for a range of verses, you may want to try putting in just the first verse in order to find all the possible choices. 

4.  A list of scriptures will come up.  Click on the boxes next to the references you wish to include in your search.

5.  Then click on Add.  You can look at the next page of results after clicking the Add button.

6.  Finally, click on Search to pull up your Results.