Finding Commentaries on Books of the Bible in the Catalog

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It's easy to find a commentary on any book of the Bible, right?  You just enter the name of that book ... and there it is!  It is simple if your book of the Bible is not ambiguous, such as "Leviticus."  All you have to do is type the book as a keyword search, and click search.  But, try "Judges," and you will soon realize you need a better search strategy.  Don't even think about searching for "John" or "Acts" this way.

It should be easier to do a subject search to local biblical books from the online catalog than to search by title or keyword, right?  Maybe, but remember, that the catalog uses the Library of Congress Subject Headings which are arranged in alphabetical order and frankly do not always make a lot of sense.  Here is a quick way to find a commentary on any book of the Bible.

Example:  to find a commentary on Genesis:

    • type Bible Genesis
      • select subject
        • click search
        • scroll until you find the subject heading:  Bible Genesis Commentaries
          • click on the "#" in the left-hand column

          • click on any title you want

          You can also limit your search to titles that are available here in Macon in the Tarver Library: