Bible Translations

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links to various translations of the Bible

A frequently asked question is "where can I find different translations of the Bible?" While it is not feasible to list them all, the purpose of this guide is to gather many options into one place. Did I miss your favorite? If so, please e-mail and let us know!


These are print compilations available in the Tarver Library:

The new Oxford annotated Bible: New Revised Standard Version: with the Apocrypha :an ecumenical study Bible
BS191.5.A1 2010 O94 2010

The English Standard Version Bible: containing the Old and New Testaments with Apocrypha
REF BS195 .E64 2009

The Holy Bible. Revised Standard Version
REF BS 191 .A1 2002 .N43

The Layman's Parallel Bible
REF BS 125 .B5 1991

The King James Study Bible
REF BS 185 1988 .N37

The women's study Bible: New Living Translation second edition
REF BS 195 .N394 2009

Jewish Study Bible
REF BS 895 .J4 2004 (on reserve, fall semester 2010)


Codex Sinaiticus
Handwritten well over 1600 years ago, this manuscript contains the Christian Bible in Greek, including the oldest complete copy of the New Testament. This site makes the entire manuscript available in digital form, including transcription, translation, and physical descriptions supplied by international experts.

The Holy Bible, King James Version

The Bible Gateway
This site includes more than 100 Bibles in more than 50 languages, comprising searchable texts, different translations, audio and e-texts. While the site defaults to the new International Version, the user can set preferences for language or version. This link provides access to language, version, and available version. Search options include by passage or keyword and several advanced options including limiting searches to a particular resource (e.g. books of Moses) and accessing a list of books of the Bible by version. Study aids, including commentaries and studies, devotionals, tools for PDAs, lexicons and dictionaries, and a mobile version are also available.

Parallel Bibles
This site allows the user to compare two of the over 30 versions at one time.

The Unbound Bible
Hosted by Bioloa University, this site includes a collection of searchable Bibles including 11 English versions, Greek and Hebrew versions, ancient versions, and versions in other languages.

The Polyglot Bible
This site displays the text of the Hebrew, Septuagint Greek, New Testament Greek, Vulgate Latin, and King James Versions of the Bible in columnar format.

World Wide Study Bible


Blue Letter Bible