GBK 101 - Glasgow

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This guide contains information and sources to help you complete your research assignment. If you need any further help, please contact Stephanie Miranda at, or ask a librarian at the Reference Desk. 


Finding Legislation:

Westlaw Campus Research: Law, News & Business - A database including legal materials including federal and state statutes, codes, regulations, and case law materials. Also includes a number of newspapers, magazines, trade journals. - Can be used to find current legislation, track bills, look at bill cosponsors, etc. - Provides a different way to browse current legislation; links to (above)

Finding current topics:

Most of these sources have a limit on the number of articles that can be viewed on their freely available websites. If you reach your limit, you can search in the library's Discovery database under "e-journals" to view the full text of the articles.

1. NPR

2. The Atlantic

3. Politico

4. Christian Science Monitor

5. Reuters - full text available via Mercer Library in Westlaw under "News"

6. Associated Press

7. Pro-Publica

8. The New York Times

9. The Washington Post

10. The Guardian (U.S. edition)

Finding Research:

Political Science (ProQuest) — Covers the literature of political science and international relations, including such topics as comparative politics, political economy, international development, environmental policy, and hundreds of related topics.

Google Scholar - Can be used to find scholarly articles and case law. When using off campus, make sure your settings are updated to link with Mercer University Libraries Full Text searching

JSTOR — Contains a mix of scholarly articles, trade publications, magazines, and newspapers.  One note on JSTOR is that most articles you find are going to be 3-5 years old. 

Developing Topics:

CQ Researcher — Coverage of political and social issues, with reports on topics in health, international affairs, education, the environment, technology, and the U.S. economy.

MLA Style

MLA Style Guide for Documenting Legal Works - see this source for your citation questions

Example, how to cite a federal bill:

United States, Congress, House. Improving Broadband Access for Veterans Act of 2016., 114th Congress, 2nd session, House Resolution 6394, passed 6 Dec. 2016.

Example, how to cite a state senate bill:

Wisconsin State, Legislature. Senate Bill 5. Wisconsin State Legislature, 20 Jan. 2017,