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Resources for the assignments in Dr. Dowling's History 105 class.
Assignment 1

Your Assignment

This assignment asks you to examine a primary source written by Pliny the Elder, and part of the process is understanding historical contexts in the period. Here, we have provided you with 2 recent popular sources and 6 recent scholarly sources that will help you understand those contexts.

Popular Secondary

Dennis, Jerry. 1995. "Pliny's world: All the facts--and then some.Smithsonian 26, no. 8: 152. Advanced Placement Source, EBSCOhost (accessed August 18, 2018).

Scishow. "Pliny the Elder: Great Minds." YouTube video, 4:23, August 1, 2013. https://youtu.be/iUMVf8bkUQE.


Scholarly Secondary:

Carey, Sorcha. “In Search of the Invisible Man.” In Pliny’s Catalogue of Culture: Art and Empire in the Natural History. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2006.

Jones-Lewis, Molly Ayn. "Poison: Nature's Argument for the Roman Empire in Pliny the Elder's Naturalis Historia." Classical World 106, no. 1: 51-74. Project MUSE.

Laehn, Thomas. “Plinian Man.” In Pliny’s Defense of Empire. New York: Routledge, 2013.

Naas, Valerie. “Chapter Four: Imperialism, Mirabilia, and Knowledge: Some Paradoxes in the Naturalis Historia.” In Pliny the Elder: Themes and Contexts, edited by Ruth Morello and Roy Gibson, 57-70. Boston: Brill, 2011.

Pollard, Elizabeth Ann. 2009. "Pliny's Natural History and the Flavian Templum Pacis: Botanical Imperialism in First-Century C.E. Rome." Journal Of World History 20, no. 3: 309-338. History Reference Center, EBSCOhost (accessed August 18, 2018).

Wallace-Hadrill, Andrew. "Pliny the Elder and Man's Unnatural History." Greece & Rome 37, no. 1: 80-96. JSTOR.

Assignment 3

Your Assignment

This assignment asks you to create an illustrated pamphlet or poster from the witch trials in seventeenth-century Braunschweig, Germany. This page contains secondary sources and example woodcuts/broadsides that will help you understand the contexts and creative styles of the period.

This page will be updated as you come closer to the November 5th due date for this assignment.