Nursing Pathfinder

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Resource Guide

The purpose of this pathfinder is to introduce some of the resources available at the Mercer University Library in the field of Nursing.  The various types of library materials useful in research are described along with some examples of each type. This guide is not a comprehensive listing of sources, but is intended to be a starting point from which students can begin their research according to their specific needs.

A Basic Introduction of materials may be found in:


Bound volumes of charts, plates or tables illustrating a subject

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

These sources provide brief definitions or concise overviews of the topic, often followed by lists of further references.

Biographical Sources

Contain articles about the lives and works of various individuals

Handbooks & Manuals

These sources cover broad subjects in a brief, concise manner and may include odd bits of information about a variety of topics.  (They may also be referred to as a companion or compendium.)


These sources contain names, addresses and telephone numbers of persons, organizations and institutions.