Electronic Resource Usage Restrictions

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Restrictions on the permitted use of electronic resources

The libraries of Mercer University license, at significant expense, electronic resources including e-journals, data and statistics, e-books, images, streaming music, videos, and other information for use by Mercerians. These resources are made available for Mercer faculty, staff, students, and affiliated researchers to fulfill their academic and scholarly endeavors. Electronic resource publishers and vendors specify various usage limitations designed to protect the integrity of their proprietary information and systems. While each license has unique wording, the following are common restrictions which you must honor.

Authorized users of Mercer University electronic resources must not:

  • Systematically download, copy, reproduce, or translate an electronic resource.
  • Distribute content from an electronic resource in any manner, whether online or offline, to anyone not affiliated with Mercer University except for illustrative purposes or for collaborative scholarship.
  • Access source code or any other data not provided to the user during normal use of the electronic resource.
  • Reverse engineer, de-compile, translate, modify, distribute, broadcast, create derivative works, or use any part of an e-resource in another product or service.
  • Alter, obscure, remove, interfere with, or add to any trademarks, trade names, markings or notices related to an electronic resource.
  • Create subsets of data or information from an electronic resource except for use in the academic pursuits of Mercerians.
  • Publish, sell, lease, or otherwise share electronic resources or their content for commercial use or gain.

Violation of these restrictions may result in:

  • Loss of access to electronic resources by the individual(s) concerned
  • Cessation of access to an electronic resource for Mercer University as a whole.