Popular, Trade, and Scholarly Publications

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The following are general guidelines. Not all criteria are true for all publications! Please ask a librarian if you have questions, or find the journal title in Ulrichsweb






Glamour Vogue



Article Author

Written by a journalist or a freelance writer.

Magazine staff and contributing authors. 

Written by an expert or researcher in the field.

Review Process

Reviewed by the magazine editor.

Reviewed by the magazine editor.

Reviewed by a panel of experts in the field.


The author's credentials may or may not be included.

Contributing author's credentials may be included, but not always.

The author's credentials and institutional affiliation are included.


The general public or non-professionals.

Members of a specific business, organization, or industry.

Primarily researchers and professionals in a given field. 


Gives a general overview on a variety of topics that are meant to entertain.

It is very rare to see a bibliography in this type of publication.

Current trends, products, and techniques in the industry, as well as organizational news

Bibliographies may be included, but are generally short. 

Gives an in depth analysis on a specific subject, including an abstract, literature review, and a bibliography.  Research articles will contain a methods, results, and a conclusion section.


Lots of colorful advertising.  The entire publication is colorful.

Moderate colorful advertisements, all pertaining to the industry and professional needs. 

Very limited advertising.  A mostly black and white publication.

Pagination Each issue numbers pages starting from page 1. Each issue numbers pages starting from page 1. Pagination within a volume is continuous through all issues.