Locating Full Text Articles

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There are two different ways to find full-text articles, depending on where you started from: starting from a database search and starting with a citation from another source. Select the most appropriate interactive or written guide below for your needs.

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Starting from a Database - Interactive Guide

Starting from a Database - Written Guide

In many cases, you might locate information about an article in a database, but be unable to access the full text. When this happens, look around for this image or a link labeled “Find Full Text.” Click the link or image, and you should see the following screen:


Depending on whether or not the article is available in another library database, you will see different links available. Links to the article in other databases will be followed by a date range, indicating the coverage of the journal included. Be sure to select a database that includes the date your article was published. Clicking one of those links will bring you either directly to the article, or to a page where you can search for the article in the journal. See below for an example.

If none of our databases provide full text access, you need to search the library catalog for the journal. Click the link to search the catalog by ISSN (see below), and locate the article in print form if available. If the journal is not in the catalog, or is at a different library (for example, Atlanta instead of Macon), you can request the article through Interlibrary Loan. Note that you will need to log in to fill out the ILL form, and that you will be required to use your Mercer email address.

Starting with a Citation from Another Source - Written Guide

If you've found a citation for an article that you’re interested in reading, you can easily search for the article using our eJournals search, located on the library homepage. Below you will see a sample citation, and the steps to follow to locate this article.

First, we need to enter the journal title into the e-Journals search box, found on the library homepage:

enter the journal title into the "e-journals" tab on the home-page

On the following page, we can see whether or not this journal is available in any of our databases, and what years the database holds. If you see a "search within publication" search box, you can type the article title in there, and should be brought directly to the article. If no search box is available, select a database with a date range that includes the year your article was published. (If your article is not included in any of our databases, skip to the next section.)

Once you click a database link, you will be taken to a page where you can search within the journal for your specific article. Please note that this page will look very different depending on which database you choose – you will need to look around the page for an option to search within the journal, or locate the article by volume/issue number or publication year.

What if the Article isn't Available in any of the Library Databases?

If an article cannot be located in the library databases, you should check the library catalog to see if we have the journal in print. Start by accessing the library catalog through the link under the Discovery search box on the homepage. You will then need to go to the "journal title" search and enter the journal title again.

If the journal is in the library catalog, you should be brought directly to the record for that journal. Make sure that the date range of issues held includes the year your article was published, before trying to locate the article in the library stacks. If the journal is not in the library catalog, is available at another location, or your article is not included in the date range held, proceed to filling out the Interlibrary Loan request form for your article.

For articles unavailable in the library databases or catalog, you will need to fill out the ILL request form. To get to the form, go to the header at the top of the library website and look for "Your Library Account" (if you do not see this link, go back to the library homepage first) and select "Interlibrary Loan" from the pop-up menu. You will then need to select your location and look for a link to request an article.


You will be required to log in to fill out the form – information from your account will be used to automatically fill in some fields in the form. Enter in as much information as you can about the article you need to help speed up the process. Once you've submitted the form, you should receive an email within a week with the PDF of the article requested. PLEASE NOTE that this will be sent to your MERCER EMAIL ADDRESS.