Library of Congress Classification System

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How to Locate an Item on the Shelf

The University System of Georgia’s guide.

Western University Libraries’ YouTube video.

If you have difficulty locating an item please check with a librarian or library staff member for assistance.

Understanding LCC System Call Numbers

These are the broad subject areas for the LCC system:

  • A - General Works (includes encyclopedias, almanacs, indexes)
  • B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
  • C - Auxiliary Sciences of History (includes archaeology, geneaology, biography)
  • D - History (includes general histories and the history of countries in the eastern hemisphere)
  • E-F - History of the Americas (includes North, South, and Central America)
  • G - Geography, Anthropology, Folklore
  • H - Social Sciences
  • J - Political Science
  • K - Law
  • L - Education
  • M - Music
  • N - Fine Arts (includes architecture, sculpture, painting, drawing)
  • P - Language and Literature
  • Q - Science (includes physical, biological, and computer sciences, as well as mathematics)
  • R - Medicine (includes health and human sexuality)
  • S - Agriculture
  • T - Technology (includes engineering, auto mechanics, photography, home economics)
  • U - Military Science
  • V - Naval Science
  • Z - Bibliography and Library Science
Each of the above are further subdivided into increasingly narrow topics, using additional letters and numbers.