How to Use Value Line

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About Value Line Research Center

Value Line Research Center provides on-line access to Value Line's leading publications covering stocks, mutual funds, options and convertible securities as well as special situation stocks. The Value Line Research Center includes:

  • The Value Line Investment Survey (1,700 equity issues from 100 industries)
  • The Value Line Investment Survey – Small and Mid-Cap Edition (1,800 additional equity issues)
  • The Value Line Mutual Fund Survey (1,900 funds plus summary data for 13,000)
  • The Value Line Daily Options Survey (daily evaluations and ranks on over 130,000 options)
  • The Value Line Special Situations Service (emerging companies )
  • The Value Line Convertibles Survey (analysis and evaluation of over 700 convertible issues)


Access to this licensed research database is limited to current Mercer University students, faculty, and staff. Your Mercer Login is required for off-campus access. (This is the same username and password you use for MyMercer and LiveMail) To use this resource, click on the Database (Articles) link on the library home page to get access to the database under the Browse Titles.

Searching Value Line Investment Survey

Value Line Investment Survey (Standard Edition), published weekly, includes full-page reports and analyst commentaries as well as Timeliness™ and Safety™ ranks on the approximately 1,700 stocks in over 90 industries. Its Timeliness Ranking System ranks stocks on a scale of 1 to 5 for probable market performance over the next 6 to 12 months.

The "Ratings & Reports," its main section, presents full-page, individual stock reports (encapsulating the company's past performance, current status, and outlook) and industry reviews.

In this section, use Lookup Company link to locate stock reports. You can search a stock report by Company, by Industry, or by Ticker Symbol. For industry reviews, use the Lookup Industry link to locate 102 industry reports.

Please view the video of Ratings & Reports (5 minutes) to get an overview of information contained in the Ratings & Reports section. If you want to know more about the industry pages, please view the video of Industry Reports (4 minutes).

The "Summary & Index" provides a key to locating the latest quarterly and supplementary reports and cites the most recent data on each of the stocks followed. If you want to learn more about this section, please view the video of Summary & Index Part I (4 minutes) and Part II (4 minutes).

The "Selection & Opinion," a feature section, gives Value Line's views on the economy and stock market forecast. It also includes one or more highlighted stock suggestions, occasional stock screens selected by the editors, and a variety of economic and stock market statistics. Please view the video of Selection & Opinion (5 minutes) to know more about this section.

Searching Value Line Historical Report

The Value Line Historical Reports provides access to the Value Line Investment Survey or the Value Line Expanded Edition dating back to 1997. The Historical Report Lookup can easily access previous Selection & Opinion and both Standard and Expanded Summary & Index reports by Symbol or Issue date.

To get to the historical reports, select Plus Edition under Quick Index on the left and then choose Historical Reports.

You may call the reference desk or request a Research Consultation for additional assistance.