Finding Articles

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Why should I use articles?


Articles are a great place to find highly specific information on a topic. Often articles are the first place where new research is discussed.

Articles cover many publication types: journals, magazines, newspapers, chapters in books, conference proceedings, technical reports, trade journals, etc.

When you don't have a citation to a specific article, but you do want to find articles on a subject, by a specific author or authors, or with a known article title, you need to use one or more periodical indexes. But how do you know which periodical index to use? Determine what kind of periodicals you want.

Do you want -

  • scholarly journals?
  • newspapers and substantive news sources?
  • popular magazines?
  • all three kinds?

To learn more about the differences among scholarly journals, newspapers, and popular magazines, see Scholarly Journal vs. Popular Magazine


How do I find articles?


Finding articles on your topic is a 3 step process:

1. Identify a database that indexes journals in your subject area:

Article databases index journals within a certain subject area by the author, title, and subject
of each article. Identify a database that indexes journals in your subject area by browsing Discovery.

2. Search the selected article database using words you might expect to find in the title or subject of the article. Identify citations that seem to be pertinent.

3. Get the article:

  • Sometimes you can link directly from an article citation to the full text of the article.
  • Sometimes you need to search the online catalog by the title of the journal to see if Mercer University owns the journal either in print or electronically.
  • Sometimes you may need to request a copy from another library.