ebrary Frequently Asked Questions

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What is ebrary?

ebrary includes complete texts of electronically available books, including the full text of more than 75,000 nonfiction books, all from academic publishers. It includes a diverse collection of encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, and other reference works.  The ebrary training video is an excellent place to start and get a complete overview.

This guide provides information on:

finding ebrary books (with an emphasis on records in the library catalog)
reading ebrary books
printing ebrary books
downloading ebrary books
frequently asked questions
links to additional training materials

How do I find ebrary e-books?

There are several ways to get to ebrary.  You can go directly to ebrary from this link and search the collection.  Records are also loaded into the library catalog.  So if you search the catalog for a particular title or come across a title for an e-book, you can get to it by clicking on the link provided in the catalog record, like shown below.


  • You can jump straight to viewing the e-book by clicking the "click to view website link."

  • Once you open a title, you can move through the e-book much like a print book.  Use the forward and back arrows to 'turn' pages.


  • An added feature is that you are able to search the document for certain words, then move quickly to those words by clicking on the small magnifying glass.

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Reading ebrary books

  • You can read the ebrary book entirely on screen and never have to download anything.  Or you can download the ebrary Reader for increased functionality,  such as copy/pasting sections of an e-book, highlighting, and generating a bookmark with a permanent URL.
  • To download the ebrary Reader click on the ebrary Reader button and follow the steps on screen to install it.

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Printing ebrary books:

  • A maximum of 60 pages can be printed at one time.
    • A few publishers, including Duke, Elsevier, and Wiley have limits that are more restrictive.
  • Updated information on printing is available here.

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Downloading ebrary books:

  • You also have the option to download a book, by clicking on the Download button: 
    • You do have to create an account and sign in to ebrary before you can download.
  • Or, you can download most books for 14 days to the Adobe Digital Editions Readers (more information here)
    • Not all publishers allow downloading of their books, and books with a single-user-license cannot be downloaded as a whole.
    • The Kindle is not supported by Adobe Digital Editions Readers.  You will need to download chapters or sections as PDFs.  Most other devices, including the iPad, iPod, Nook, laptops, desktops, etc., are supported.
  • the ebrary KnowledgeBase provides more information on downloading.

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Frequently asked questions:

Q.  I was using a book and now can't find it, what happened?
A.  Publishers can, and do, pull items from the ebrary collection. The library has no control over the collection.  Items will come and go every month.  It is not safe to assume that a book will always be available.

Q: Can more than one person view the same e-book at the same time?
A: In most cases, unlimited users can read an ebrary e-book online at the same time, which means that it is always available to you. Exceptions may occur when certain publishers impose restrictions on the number of users authorized to view a book at the same time.

Q: The text frame is too small to read! What can I do about that?
A: You can adjust the size of the e-book text by selecting the magnifier above the e-book page. This allows you to select different levels of zoom by set percentages.

Q.  Can I use ebrary on a mobile device?
A.  Yes, ebrary now has dedicated mobile apps – one for Apple (iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch®) and one for Android. (more information here)

Q: A message appeared stating that I need to sign into my ebrary account, or create a new account. Why is this?
A: You don't need to create an account to view an e-book. However, a great feature of ebrary is that you can customize it to suit your needs. This does require that you create an individual account. Just follow the instructions to set up an account and you can enjoy special features such as:

  • highlight text in e-books and save your highlighted areas
  • add comments to the side of text in e-books and save them for future use
  • create your own bookshelf of favorite e-books
  • bookmark specific chapters or paragraphs of e-books

Other frequently asked questions and answers are available at the ebrary site, including system requirements, troubleshooting installation of the ebrary readers, user accounts, searching, and the bookshelf.

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    Links to additional training materials:

    The ebrary site offers extensive training materials in both print and video formats.

    Please let us know if you encounter any difficulties using these resources!