Locating Library Materials in the Catalog

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If you need any assistance in locating items, please ask a librarian or contact the circulation desk for your location!

The Mercer University Library collects a wide variety of materials, including books, DVDs, journals, government documents, newspapers, audiobooks, and music. You can search for these items through either Discovery or directly in the library catalog. (A guide to using Discovery is available here.) Access the catalog by going to catalog.mercer.edu or from the link on the library homepage:

In the catalog, you can search in several different ways, including Keyword (the basic or default search), Title, Author, Subject, Journal Title, Genre, LC Call #, Govt Doc #, ISBN/ISSN, Reserves (for course reserves), and Advanced searches. Using the advanced search screen will allow you to search for items from a particular language and/or publication date, as well as within particular collections, such as Tarver's Juvenile collection, or by Material Type, to limit to DVDs.

Locating Items

When reviewing your results, you may see a variety of items from different locations. The most essential information for locating the item is available in the list of results, but you can also click the title of an item to view additional information, sometimes including a summary or table of contents. In order to locate an item, first make sure the status is "available" and the item is located at the correct campus. If it is, record the call number before heading to the correct floor to find your item.

You may also want to use the "See Map" feature to locate items more quickly. Clicking that link (located next to the call number), will bring up a rough map of the floor on which the item is located, with the item location highlighted in red. 

Requesting Items 

If an item is located at another library or the status says anything other than "available," you can place a request. This means that the library will notify you when the item is available, and hold it at the appropriate circulation desk for you to pick up. The "Request this title" link appears on the left of the item on the results screen, and is also available on individual item pages, above the title. More information about requesting items is available on this guide.