Special Collections Gifts Policy

last modified 2016-08-05T10:31:48-04:00

Gifts of materials will be accepted from individuals or organizations that have the right to transfer ownership of the property rights of the materials and copyrights or literary rights of unpublished materials. The identity of the individual or organization must be ascertained through identification of at least the name of the person or organization and the organization’s contact person and his or her title, both mailing and locations addresses, and telephone number. Gifts may be accomplished only through a signed and dated deed of gift form, as prescribed by Swilley Library, or through letter or bequeath through a will or other legal instrument. No restrictions on the use or access to donated materials will be accepted without the approval of the head of the Special Collections Department, associate director for Research Services, director and associate dean for libraries, and the dean of libraries or senior vice president. Any accepted restrictions must be specified in writing with a definite end date for the restrictions specified.