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Biographical Resources - Georgia Baptist Ministers


  • Among Southern Baptists (1936-1937)
    (SpC call number BX 6493 .A46)
  • Baptist Biography (Graham, Balus Joseph Winzer)
    (SpC call number BX6493.G8, volumes 1-3, 1917-1923)
  • Baptist Encyclopaedia (Cathcart, William, 1881), with index (1951)
    (SpC call number: BX 6211 .C3)
  • Biographies of Atlanta Baptist Ministers, 1846-1966 (Baggott, J. L.)
    (SpC call number BX 6493 .B3)
  • Biography Vertical File
  • Bits and Pieces Card File
  • Callaway Baptist Preachers, 1787-1953
    (SpC call number BX 6493 .C2 1953)
  • Callaway Baptist Preachers, 1789-1882
    (SpC call number BX 6493 .C2)
  • The Christian Index Card File (1835-1879)
  • Dictionary of Georgia Biography (1983)
    (SpC call number: CT230 .D53)
  • Encyclopedia of Southern Baptists, 4 vols.
    (SpC call number: BX6211 .E5)
  • Georgia Baptist Convention Annuals (1822-present)
  • Georgia Baptist Convention Card File (1900-1920)
  • Georgia Baptist Leaders (1788-1840)
    (spiral — brown cover)
  • Georgia Baptist Ministers (1800s-Early 1900s)
    (spiral — brown cover)
  • Georgia Baptist Minister—s Directory (1966)
    (SpC call number BX 6493 .G4)
  • Georgia Baptist Preachers/Associations (1900-1978)
    (A-G, G-R, S-Z — spiral — blue cover — in gray box)
  • Georgia Baptists: Historical and Biographical (Campbell, Jesse H.)
    (SpC call number BX6248.G4 C3, 1847 and 1874)
  • History of the Baptist Denomination in Georgia: with Biographical Compendium and Portrait Gallery of Baptist Ministers and Other Georgia Baptists (The Christian Index, Boykin, Samuel, ed.)
    (SpC call number F285.H67 1881)
  • History of the Georgia Baptist Association (Mercer, Jesse)
    (SpC call number BX6248.G4 M47 1838, BX6248.G4 M47 1979 with index)
  • History of the Georgia Baptist Association (Robinson, Robert Lee)
    (SpC call number BX6379.3943.R6 1928)
  • A History of the Georgia Baptist Association, 1784-1984 (Gardner, Robert G., et al.)
    (SpC call number BX6379.39.G4 H57, 1988 and 1996)
  • Manuscript Collection
    (spiral — blue cover)
  • Marriages Published in The Christian Index, 1828-1855 (Overby, Mary McKeown)
    (SpC call number F285.O9 — brown cover)
  • Marriages Published in The Christian Index, 1855-1916
    (loose papers — gray box)
  • Meet 1,000 Atlanta Baptist Ministers, 1843-1973 (Baggott, J. L.)
    (SpC call number BX 6493 .B346)
  • The Ministerial Directory of the Baptist Churches in the United States of America (Lasher, George William)
    (SpC call number BX6213.M5 1899)
  • Obituaries Published by The Christian Index, 1822-1879 (Overby, Mary McKeown)
    (SpC call number BX6493.O25 — red cover)
  • Obituaries Published by The Christian Index, 1880-1899 (Overby, Mary McKeown)
    (SpC call number BX6493.O25 — blue cover)
  • Obituaries Published by The Christian Index (1900-1968)
    (spiral — green cover)
  • Ordinations/Retirements/Obituaries Published by The Christian Index (1966-1989, 1969-1989)
    (spiral — green cover, blue cover)
  • Other Materials, Uncataloged (Printed, Typed, Photocopied, Microform)
    (spiral — orange cover)
  • Reminiscences of Georgia Baptists (Hillyer, Shaler Granby)
    (SpC call number BX6248.G4 H5 1902)
  • Viewpoints: Georgia Baptist History (1968-present), Indexes to
    (SpC serials)
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