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Whisper of the River - by Ferrol Sams

by Jeremy M. Brown last modified Jul 31, 2011 04:34 PM


Here are the real people behind many of the main characters in Ferrol Sams' famous novel about life at Mercer University from 1938 to 1942.




"Porter Osborne, Jr."

Ferrol Aubrey Sams, Jr.
Fayetteville, GA.
Kappa Alpha; Treasurer, 2,3; Secretary, 4; Alembic Club 2,3,4; Secretary-Treasurer, 4; Blue Key; Cauldron 4; Editorial Staff, 4; Ciceronian, 2,3,4; Cluster, 2,3; Advertising Manager, 3; Newspaper Club, 4; Phi Eta Sigma, 1,2,3,4; Secretary-Treasurer, 2; Silhouette, 4; Mercer Players, 1; Cluster Board of Control 4. 
1942 Cauldron.



"Mrs. Capulet"

Mrs. A.P. Montague
House Mother
"Mother Montague is the comforter of all homesick freshmen and a friend and advisor to upper-classmen, but she hates to be called "campus mother."
1942 Cauldron



"Bob Cater"

William Comer Davis
Atlanta, GA
Kappa Alpha; Vice-President, 4; Cauldron, 2.4; B.S.U. Council, 1; Ciceronian, 3; Cluster, 2,3,4; International Relations, 2,3; Mixed Chorus, 2,3.
1942 Cauldron




"E.V. Derrick"

William Green Avery
LaGrange, GA
Kappa Alpha; Blue Key, 3,4; Secretary, 4; Alembic Club, 2; B.S.U., 1; International Relations, 3; Glee Club, 1,2,3; Orchestra 2; Band, 1,2,3; Presidents' Club, 2,4; Mixed Chorus, 1,2,3; President, Freshman Class; Panhellenic Council, 3,4. 
1942 Cauldron



"Billy Foot"

William Emmet Pound
Macon, GA.
"Hard as a Rock"
Kappa Alpha
1941 Cauldron



"Cloud Hollingsworth"

Hendley Varner Napier
Macon, GA
A.B., LL.B.
Kappa Alpha; Vice-President 4; Cluster 2; Glee Club 2,3,4; Kappa Phi Kappa 3,4; Mixed Chorus 3,4; Pan-Hellenic 4; Law Club.
1941 Cauldron




"Amalita Hunt"

Leanita Blount
Macon, GA.
Phi Mu; President, 3,4; Cauldron, 2; Cardinal Key, 3,4; Vice-President, 4;
Silhouette Business Manager, 4; Cluster 3; Presidents' Club, 3,4; Mixed Chorus, 2; Pan-Hellenic Council, 3,4; Outstanding Senior; Senior Beauty. 1942 Cauldron.




Dr. Henry M. Martin
A.B., A.M., PhD. (University of Paris)
Professor of French
1939 Cauldron





"Dr. Minor"

Dr. Fred L. Jones
A.B., M.A., PhD.
Professor of English
1942 Cauldron




"Dr. Powell"

Dr. Spright Dowell
President, Mercer University, 1928-1953 
1939 Cauldron





"Dr. Rudh"

Dr. George Gordh
A.B., M.A., ThD.
Professor of Philosophy
1943 Cauldron





"Sara Belle Steele"

Evelyn Juhan Neel, 
Macon, GA. 
Phi Mu; Secretary, 4; 2,3,4; Cluster, Cauldron, 2,4; Managing Editor, 4; Cardinal Key, 4; Business Manager, 3; Society Editor, 4; Mixed Chorus, 2,3,4; Sergeant-at-Arms, 4; Newspaper Club, 2,3,4; Y.W.A., 4; Who's Who, 4; Secretary-Treasurer, Student Body, 4; Best All-Round Girl Senior; Phi Delta Theta Sponsor, 3,4; Blue Key Homecoming Sponsor, 4. 1942 Cauldron



"Clarence Spangler"

Darnell Brawner
LaGrange, GA.
Kappa Alpha; President 4; Alembic Club 3; Blue Key 3,4; Ciceronian, 1; International Relations 1; Presidents Club 4; Pan-Hellenic Council 3,4; Secretary 4; Biology Lab Instructor 3,4.
1941 Cauldron



"Dr. Twilley"

Professor W.T. Smalley
A.B., M.A.
Professor of English
1942 Cauldron



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