Georgia Old-Line Primitive / Progressive Primitive Baptist Sources

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  • Baptist Conventions, General Associations, and District Associations in Georgia
    (spiral — latest edition)
  • Biographical History of Primitive or Old School Baptist Ministers, volume 2
    (SpC call number BX6453.B56 2001)
  • Biographical History of Primitive or Old School Baptist Ministers of the United States (Pittman, R. H.)
    (SpC call number BX6453.B56 1909)
  • Church Manual of Primitive Baptist Standards
    (SpC call number BX6340 .C8 P74)
  • Condensed History of Baptists: Mainly Georgia Primitive Baptists (with 2 useful maps) (Wells, Charles F., 1963)
    (SpC call number BX6248 .G4 W44)
  • Directory of Primitive Baptist Churches and Ministers, The Banner Herald Supplement (1962-present; broken series)
    (SpC call number: Microfiche; SpC pamphlet collection: Primitive)
  • Georgia Baptist Church Records
    (spiral — latest edition)
  • Georgia Baptists, Organization and Division: 1772-1840 (Proctor, Emerson)
    (SpC call number BX6248.G4 P76 1969)
  • Georgia/other Old-Line Primitive serials — Advocate and Messenger (VA); Christian Pathway (TN); Good Will (GA); Gospel Appeal (GA); Gospel Messenger (GA); Gospel Messenger and Primitive Pathway (GA); Old Faith Contender (NC); The Primitive Baptist (NC); Primitive Baptist Library (IL); Primitive Baptist Library Quarterly (NC); Primitive Baptist Library Quarterly (NC); Signs of the Times (NY); Southern Baptist Messenger (GA); Towaliga Messenger (GA)
    (SpC serials)
  • Georgia/other Progressive Primitive serials — Banner Herald (GA); The Comforter (GA); Pilgrim—s Banner (GA); Quarterly Ministry Report (GA)
    (SpC serials)
  • History in Word and Picture of the Progressive Primitive Baptists (The Banner-Herald)
    (SpC call number BX6382 .H5 1955)
  • Important Primitive Baptist writers — Barwick, R. H.; Bazemore, Thomas J.; Beebe, Gilbert; Berry, W. J.; Cagle, R. E.; Cash, Walter; Crouse, William H.; Crumpton, Alva R.; Godard, George; Godard, William T.; Hanks, Lee; Hassell, Cushing B.; Hendricks, J. Walter; Monsees, J. A.; Pinkstaff, William A.; Proctor, Emerson; Rowe, John; Sikes, T. E.
  • A Modest History of Primitive Baptists in the United States (Newsome, Jerry A.)
    (SpC call number BX6383 .N48 1976)
  • Pictorial Review of Primitive Baptist Ministers (Newsome, Jerry A., 1972)
    (SpC call number: Microfiche; SpC pamphlet collection: Primitive)
  • Primitive Baptist Church Directory (Baptist Bible Hour, 1967, 1977, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2002)
    (SpC pamphlet collection: Primitive)
  • Primitive Baptist Statistics (Hall, A. B.; 1970, 1971, 1974)
    (SpC pamphlet collection: Primitive; 5 pamphlets)
  • Primitive Baptists of the Wiregrass South (Crowley, John G.)
    (SpC call number BX6385 .G4 C76 1998)
  • The Rise of the Anti-Mission Baptists: Sources and Leaders, 1800-1840 (Lambert, Byron Cecil)
    (SpC call number BX6383 .L35 1980)
  • A Souvenir of the Ministers of the Old School or Primitive Baptist Church (Potter, Lemuel, 1895)
    (SpC call number BX6493 .P67)
  • The Story of Georgia Baptists (Screws, William Benjamin)
    (SpC call number BX6248.G4 S2 1926)
  • Viewpoints: Georgia Baptist History, Articles in: Volume 3, 1972 (Proctor, Emerson); Volume 4, 1974 (Lee, Jerry J.; De Vane, F. Arthur); Volume 5, 1976 (Proctor, Emerson); Volume 6, 1978 (Newsome, Jerry); Volume 16, 1998 (Crowley, John); Volume 17, 2000 (Gardner, Robert G.)
    (SpC serials)
  • Viewpoints: Georgia Baptist History (1968-present), Indexes to
    (SpC serials)
  • See Georgia Baptist Church and Association Sources