Georgia Free Will Baptist Sources

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  • Baptist Conventions, General Associations, and District Associations in Georgia
    (spiral — latest edition)
  • Directory of Free Will Baptist Churches (1976)
    (SpC call number BX6213 .N37)
  • Free Baptist Cyclopedia (Burgess, G. A. and J. T. Ward, 1889)
    (SpC call number: Microfilm BX6373 .B87)
  • Free Will Baptist Handbook (Pinson, J. Matthew)
    (SpC call number BX6373 .P56 1998)
  • The Free Will Baptists in America, 1727-1984 (Davidson, William Franklin)
    (SpC call number BX6373.D382 1985)
  • Georgia Baptist Church Records
    (spiral — latest edition)
  • Georgia Free Will Baptist serials — Free Will Baptist (1920-1948, scattered issues); Promotional Bulletin (1971-present); The Timemachine (1985-present)
    (SpC serials)
  • A History of Original Free Will Baptists (Pelt, Michael R.)
    (SpC call number BX6374 .N8 P45 1996)
  • Marching through Georgia: A History of the Free Will Baptists in Georgia (Dodd, Damon C.)
    (SpC call number BX6373 .D6 1977)
  • Viewpoints: Georgia Baptist History, Articles in: Volume 6, 1978 (Dodd, Damon C.); Volume 17, 2000 (Pinson, J. Matthew); Volume 18, 2002 (Gardner, Robert G.)
    (SpC serials)
  • Viewpoints: Georgia Baptist History (1968-present), Indexes to
    (SpC serials)
  • Who's Who among Free Will Baptists, and Encyclopedia of Denominational Information (Harrison, Harrold D.)
    (SpC call number BX6493 .H34 1978)
  • See Georgia Baptist Church and Association Sources