Biographical Resources - Jesse Mercer (1769-1841)

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Primary resources:

  • Personal papers (letters written both by and to Jesse Mercer) - Manuscript
  • The Cluster of Spiritual Songs, Divine Hymns, and Sacred Poems - Various editions
  • Other publications by Jesse Mercer - See BearCat online catalog
  • Georgia Baptist Association (C1784) minutes, 1788-1841 - Print and microfilm
  • Georgia Baptist Association Executive Committee minutes - Typescript and manuscript/microfilm
  • All other existing Georgia Baptist association minutes, 1794-1841 - Microfilm
  • Triennial Baptist Convention (C1814) minutes, 1814-1841 - Microfilm
  • The Christian Index (Georgia Baptist newspaper), 1822-1841 - Microfilm
  • Georgia Baptist Convention (C1822) minutes, 1822-1841 - Print and microfilm
  • Georgia BC Executive Committee minutes - Typescript and manuscript/microfilm
  • American Baptist Home Mission Society (C1832) minutes, 1832-1841 - Microfilm
  • Mercer Institute Reports to Trustees and Account Books, 1833-1841 - Microfilm
  • Baptist Missionary Magazine, published in Boston - Check indexes
  • Other early Baptist serials - See Bearcat online catalog
  • Minutes of churches pastored by Jesse Mercer - Microfilm
    • Sardis, Phillips' Mill, and Washington (Wilkes County)
    • Bethesda (Greene County)
    • Powelton (Hancock County)


Selected secondary sources:

  • Boykin, Samuel, ed., History of the Baptist Denominationin Georgia: with Biographical Compendium(1881)
  • Brewster, C. Ray, The Cluster of Jesse Mercer (1983)
  • Campbell, Jesse H., Georgia Baptists: Historical andBiographical (1847 and 1874)
  • Chute, Anthony L., Evangelism, Calvinism, and Cooperationamong Early Nineteenth Century Georgia Baptists: An Examination and Assessment of the Work and Writings of JesseMercer (2002)
  • Gardner, Robert, Cherokees and Baptists in Georgia(1989)
  • Gardner, Robert, et al., History of the Georgia Baptist Association, 1784-1984 (1988 and 1996)
  • Hillyer, Shaler G., Reminiscences of Georgia Baptists(1902)
  • Mallary, Charles D., Memoirs of Elder Jesse Mercer(1844)
  • Norton, Kay, Baptist Offspring, Southern Midwife - JesseMercer's Cluster of Spiritual Songs (1810): A Study in American Hymnody (2002)
  • Sherwood, Adiel, Life and Times of Jesse Mercer,clippings from The Christian Index, January-September 1863
  • Starr, Edward C., ed., Baptist Bibliography(1947-1976)
  • Biography Vertical File
  • Mercer University Facts and Reminiscences, 1833-1881,clippings from The Christian Index
  • Viewpoints: Georgia Baptist History (journal published since 1968)