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Thank you for contacting Special Collections at Mercer University. This unit houses the University archives and the Georgia Baptist history collection.

Search Request Limitations

The Special Collections staff is unable to perform in-depth research on individuals for off-campus patrons. Basic searches are handled as time allows. Because of the number of internal researchers we serve and the large number of requests received by mail, we ask that you limit requests to no more than three names at one time. If your question requires more extensive research, please call (478) 301-2968 for an appointment to pursue the subject in more detail here in the archives.

Search Fees:

A new fee schedule was implemented on October 1, 2006. A standard charge of $15 per name will ensure (1) a general search of readily-available indexes, (2) photocopying of corresponding published sources, and (3) mailing requested materials. Fees are for services rather than results, and refunds will not be given. Responses will be made to all mailed requests, even when the searches are unsuccessful.

Time of Payment

All fees are payable in advance to Special Collections/Tarver Library. Searches cannot be conducted nor copies made before receipt of payment. Send a check or money order to:

Research, Special Collections, Mercer University Tarver Library 
1300 Edgewood Avenue, Macon, GA 31207-0001

Along with details of the search requested, please include your telephone number, mailing address, and email address.


Fees are not applicable to requests from Mercer University or Georgia Baptist Convention administrators. On-campus researchers must pay for photocopying, but there are no other fees associated with use of the archives collections.