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1733:    At least 1 Baptist was on the boat with James Oglethorpe when Georgia was formed by the British.

1759:    The first Baptist church in Georgia was constituted at Tuckaseeking (Effingham County).

1772:    Kiokee Baptist Church (Columbia County), the first Georgia Baptist church still in existence today, was formed.

1777:     African-American Baptists in Georgia founded a Savannah church in 1777, but there had likely been African-American Baptists in the area before then.

1784:     Representatives from five Georgia Baptist churches formed the Georgia Baptist Association.

1822:     The Georgia Baptist Association led in the creation of the Georgia Baptist Convention.

1825:     By 1825, Baptists in Georgia began forming associations which did not participate in the endeavors of the Georgia Baptist Convention. Over the years since that date, these have included associations of Independent Missionary Baptists, Primitive Baptists, Free Will Baptists, and Holiness Baptists.

1845:     Of the 290 delegates at the first meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention in 1845, 138 of them were Georgia Baptists who represented churches, associations, and institutions which supported the Georgia Baptist Convention

1865:     The first African-American Baptist associations in Georgia were constituted.



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