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Status of the Alma Migration and Planning Ahead

The co-lead on the project, Jeremy Brown, is leaving Mercer for a new position at Florida Gulf Coast University. The co-lead, Christian Pham, has taken over the migration project completely. Working with his counterparts at the Medical School Library and the Law School Library, he submitted the migration documents and materials over to ExLibris on July 3rd, 2019. Christian has begun work extracting our records from Sierra for all three libraries to send to the Alma migration team. The expected delivery date of these extractions is July 15th.

The Main Library’s Web Services Librarian, Katie Shepard, will be the backup lead on the project.


Current plan for the Mercer Alma Groups


Katie, who has experience with the Alma transition from a previous position, confirms that the Alma on-site workshop is not training on using the system. ExLibris expects us to use the provided Sandbox to create our workflows and training guides for our own institution. Our Alma group members are expected to figure out how to use the system to train the rest of our staff.

If you are in the Fulfillment group (Circulation), practice checking out books, creating community patrons, waiving fines, and other typical work functions at your library. Write these steps down! If you have a lot of staff or constant employee turnover in your department, create manuals. Other Alma groups need to use the sandbox to see how your workflow changes with the new system. Use the sandbox to train your staff to get them familiar with the system. If you have questions or problems with your workflow or figuring out how Alma does things, post your questions in the Alma Basecamp for members of the migration team or other Mercer Librarians to answer.

When our production environment is delivered in September, you can go through the training again with the migrated records. The more familiar you and your staff are with the system, the easier the transition will be.

The on-site workshop is used to answer difficult questions concerning the migration and workflow issues that could not be answered in the Alma Basecamp.


Current Timeline:

July 3

Submit Alma Migration Forms for review.       DONE!

July 15

Submit data extracts for Main, Med, and Law for review

Late July, Early August

Final Submission of Migration forms and data extractions

Sept. 1

Alma Production Environment with our data in the system

Sept. 15

Primo Production Environment with our data

Oct. 29-31

Alma on-site workshop

Thanksgiving break

Freeze all Technical services in Sierra (no cataloging changes or orders if possible)

Dec. 15

Freeze all Circulation activities in Sierra

Dec. 17

Go Live with Alma


Project Documentation