Student Summer Research Fellows Poster Session

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Curious about QEP-funded projects? Check out the summer research projects on Friday, September 8 from 3:30-4:30pm in Jack Tarver Library in Macon. Student research fellows will be presenting on their summer projects in a poster session. Posters will be on display through Family Weekend, September 29-30.

Black Lives at Jarrell Plantation Historic Site: Summer Student Research Pilot
Faculty: Dr. Matt Harper and Dr. Michele Beverley
Students: Tamara Andrews and Sydney Simpson

STEM Education and Service-Learning
Faculty: Dr. Justin Ballenger, Dr. Donald Ekong, and Dr. Sabrina Walthall
Students: Anna Samson, Grace Maloney, and Elizabeth Tate

Gray Water Irrigation – Implementing Policy and Regulatory Change
Faculty: Dr. Phil McCreanor
Students: Ariel Dornisch and Emilie Varness

Development of a Low-Cost Indoor Air Quality Measurement Device for International Applications
Faculty: Dr. André Butler
Students: Rebecca Etter and Timothy Hood

Refugee Resettlement in the U.S: The Social Assimilation Challenge
Faculty: Dr. Eimad Houry
Student: Catherine Crowe

Desalination of Salt Water for Developing Communities
Faculty: Dr. Stephen Hill
Students: Trinity Brown and Gregory Gilbert

Constructing Virtual Reality Models for the Development of Neurological and Prenatal Surgery Simulations
Faculty: Dr. Andy Pounds
Students: Ted Dorfeuille and Arjit Saxena