Embed a Librarian in Your Course

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Librarians offer a full range of embedded services for your students.

Welcome back, Mercer Faculty! Your librarian would love to let you know about a service we offer—virtual help, embedded resources, and video instruction in Canvas. We can put all of the library’s resources at your students’ fingertips by creating discussion posts or modules in your Canvas course.

  • We can link out to specific databases, journals, or newspapers!
  • We can help students get their citations right within your course shell!
  • For online classes, we can teach Zoom research sessions through links in your course!
  • We can upload handouts and infographics about evaluating sources!

If you would like to jump at this opportunity to have a librarian in your course, email us at library_reference@mercer.edu. You can also call us in Macon at (478) 301-2055 or in Atlanta at (678) 547-6286.

We also have a Research Resources Canvas Course to help you and your students with all your research needs. You can see what amazing help we offer at https://merceru.instructure.com/enroll/A8M8DL.