Message from the Dean

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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It has been my privilege and honor to work at Mercer University for almost 40 years.  As I close out my tenure at Mercer at the end of June, let me offer some thoughts.

I would wager few parts of academia have changed as much the library over these four decades.  From a" self-service, sink or swim model" of library service to a patron centric library offering a wide range of research assistance and instruction.   From place bound, print resources to a staggering array of web based, electronic resources available to every Mercerian over the intranet.   From a quiet, formal library environment to a vibrant, comfortable gathering space for study, conversation, and maybe a cup of coffee. A thorough transformation and all for the best!

I have been very fortunate to work with dozens of talented, enthusiastic librarians, staff, and student assistants committed to the highest level of innovative service.   We embrace the motto "At Mercer, everyone majors in changing the world."  We value our reputation as an essential part of the academic experience. Our success is measured by the academic success of the Mercer community and we are always moving forward to try new things that serve our patrons.

I am grateful for the support of the Mercer administration and community in building a dynamic library and for the many partnerships we have built across campus.   Finally, I offer my sincere thanks to all our friends and donors who have provided financial support to build collections, improve furnishings,support professional development and many other enhancements. Your generosity is very much appreciated. 

As I pass the torch to the new Dean, I offer my sincere best wishes to the University Library and to Mercer University.   I look forward to seeing the exciting things that the future will bring!


Beth Hammond
Dean of the University Library