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by Gail M. Morton last modified Jul 07, 2017 01:19 PM

Gail Morton is the Mathematics Subject Librarian.  She provides research support for students enrolled in math programs on both the major and minor level.  She will be glad to answer your questions about research, instruction or the library's collections. You can contact Gail by phone or e-mail, or visit her in person at the Tarver Library. 


College of Liberal Arts, Department of Mathematics home page

Mathematics Databases

Springer's platform for accessing online journals and books.

GALILEO Discovery is an “online library portal to authoritative, subscription-only information that isn’t available through free search engines or Web directories.” Discovery also provides an advanced search option so that the user is able to access multiple databases with a variety of disciplines in one place.

Mathematics Journals

Mathematics journals available in the Mercer library catalog.  This link takes you into the library catalog and displays all journal titles, including those that are no longer purchased.  You may find more success using the Full Text Electronic Journal List link below.

Mathematics journals are available in full text through online databases. Search by journal title in: Full Text Electronic Journal List

The following subject areas are available:

- Mathematics (broadest grouping)
- Algebra
Geometry, Trigonometry, Topology

MathMaj/CMJ Search

The Math Department at Harvey Mudd College maintains a searchable database of Mathematics Magazine and the College Math JournalMathematics Magazine database contains records for almost every Article, Note, and Proof Without Words that was published since 1927. All records include the title, author(s), and bibliographic information, and most articles published after 1974 also include the first paragraph of the corresponding publication and possibly authors' summaries.

The College Math Journal database contains records for articles published since 1970 (including articles from the Two Year College Math Journal).  All records contain the title, author(s), bibliographic information, and the first paragraph of the article.

Mathematics Books

Search the library catalog to find books available in the Tarver (Macon), Swilley (Atlanta), and Regional Academic Center (Douglas County and Henry County) Libraries as well as electronic books. Before going to pull the item,  please check to make sure it is at your library.  If the item you need is at another location, view this guide on on locating and requesting items.  Items not available in the Tarver Library can be requested from another library.

Mathematics books available in the Tarver Library on the 1st floor can be found using the Library of Congress Classification Outline for Math.

See what's new in your subject area by viewing New Acquisitions, including a link to see what has been purchased just for Tarver.  If you don't see a title in the list or in the online catalog, suggest new or additional titles that the library should purchase.

Mathematics Web Sites

Wolfram Alpha
"Alpha introduces a fundamentally new way to get knowledge and answers—
not by searching the web, but by doing dynamic computations based on a vast collection of built-in data, algorithms, and methods"

Wolfram MathWorld
Computational knowledge engine written and built using Mathematica

The Euler Archive
Hosted by the Mathematical Association of America and directed by Dominic Klyve (Central Washington University), Lee Stemkoski (Adelphi University), and Erik Tou (Carthage College), this is an online resource for Leonhard Euler's original works and modern Euler scholarship. This dynamic library and database provides summaries of and access to digitized versions of original publications, and references to available translations and current research.  The Archive is centered around individual webpages corresponding to (and containing information about) each work written by Leonhard Euler (more than 850 of them!). Most pages also contain copies of the original publications of these works. You can access these pages various ways using the navigation links on the left sidebar. In addition, the Archive contains historical information concerning the life and times of Leonhard Euler, as well as a significant percentage of Euler's correspondence.

American Mathematical Society
The American Mathematical Society provides programs and services to promote mathematical research, strengthen mathematical education, and foster awareness and appreciation of mathematics and its connections to other disciplines and to everyday life.

MAA Online
The home of the Mathematical Association of America, the largest professional society that focuses on mathematics accessible at the undergraduate level. The site includes resource pages for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as the MAA digital library.

Digital Archives in Mathematics and Statistics
Part of the University of Washington's Mathematics Research Library, this page links to digital archives of older mathematical materials. Most linked collections are openly accessible to anyone.

Gail Morton

Julie Huskey

Gail Morton
Assistant Professor
Research Services Librarian

B.S., University of Central Florida, 1995; M.L.I.S., University of South Carolina, 2002

Phone: 478-301-2251

Contact a librarian directly using the chat box above.

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