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Mergent Online
Create customized reports of American and international company financial data.
Off-campus access requires password.


To find articles from periodicals, use the following index databases GALILEO:
- ABI-Inform Complete
-Business Source Complete (EBSCO)
- Business & Industry
- Lexis/Nexis Academic Universe

Wall Street Research Net
Find information about a specific company from many different websites, e.g. the company's homepage, SEC filings, earnings estimates, quotes, U.S. Industrial Outlook, etc.
Better than most media Web pages. Includes Company profiles, Industry Watch, world markets, U.S. interest rates and a currency converter.
From the Price Waterhouse Coopers website. SEC filings of public companies. Easily saves in Microsoft Excel format. Benchmarking Assistant compares companies and creates charts using balance sheet, income and cash flow statements. Lists recent IPOs. Glossary of form types. Also see Morningstar.
Search the EDGAR Database
Various ways to search Edgar from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
MSN Money
Download five years of financial data to Excel.
Hoover's Company Capsules & Profiles (ProQuest)
Company capsules. Links to company Web pages and annual reports if available. For company profiles, use Hoover's Company Capsules & Profiles.
Corporate Information
A good website for international company information and for U.S. private company information.
The most recent list of Fortune 500 companies.
OANDA Currency Converter and Financial Forecasts
Historical quotes begin from sometime in early 1973 depending on which currency. Includes customizable currency converter for Web pages.
Xenon Laboratories' currency converters and tables
Is there a nation whose currency is not included in this database? Can choose specific currency tables.
International Monetary Fund
The IMF's Factsheets, Survey, World Economic Outlook, financial data including spot and forward rates, press releases and commodity prices among others.
Bank of Montreal
Foreign currency spot and forward rates.
Triacom historical exchange rates
USD. Historical exchange rates in large table format.
Financial Forecast Center
From Applied Reasoning. 6 month projections of indexes, rates and economic indicators.
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Includes Monthly Labor Review online and Occupational Outlook Handbook.
Minimum Wage Laws in the States
To find government documents or articles from periodicals, use the following index databases in GALILEO:
- Georgia Government Publications
- GeorgiaNet
- GPO Monthly Catalog
-LexisNexis Academic
Selig Center for Economic Growth, The University of Georgia
Economic statistics and forecasts for Georgia, the nation and the world. Includes MSA and county-specific data.
Georgia Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism
Link to "Sources of Georgia Products" database.
To find articles from periodicals, use the following index databases in GALILEO:
- Business & Industry
- Wilson Business Full Text (part of Wilson OmniFile: Full Text Mega Edition)
- ABI-Inform
- Business Source Premier
- Lexis/Nexis Academic Universe

Platinum List of industries available in first January issue of Forbes each year. Use print or microfilm available in the Library.
Mergent Online
Current reports for 22 broad industry categories in three continents.
Off-campus access requires password.
CQ Researcher - coverage of political and social issues, with some
outdated, narrative, industry overviews and reports on technology and
the U.S. economy.
Mergent's News Reports
Weekly reports offers coverage on mergers, interim earnings, management changes, etc. Divided into same volumes as Mergent's Manuals.
Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
(Requires free registration.)
Intellectual Property Network
From IBM. Access the United States Patent and Trademark Office database more easily than from the USPTO website.
A.M. Best Company
(Makers of Best's Insurance Reports!) Insurance company directory, association directory, glossary and directory of state insurance officials.

Kennedy Information
Summaries of Kennedy Information's Consulting Central research reports gives an overview and forecast of the global consulting industry.

From GALILEO, use:
- Worldscope GLOBAL (international company reports)
- The World Almanac and Book of Facts
- EconLit (index of articles from economics journals)
- FactSearch (index of statistics on general topics)
- Lexis/Nexis Academic Universe (country profiles and international publications)
- Business & Industry (index of articles from industry and regional publications)
- Global 500 list of multinational companies ranked by sales available in first August issue of Fortune each year.
Mergent Online
Create customized reports of International Company Financial Data.
Off-campus access requires password
International Trade Administration
Part of the U.S. Department of Commerce. Includes international industry information. Import and export data.
U.S. Department of State
Includes current Country Commercial Guides, Country Reports On Economic Policy and Trade Practices and Country Background Notes.
CIA Publications
Includes a link to the 2006 World Factbook which has economic data and an overview for each nation. Published by the United States Central Intelligence Agency.
Corporate Information
A good website for international and U.S. private company information.
International Monetary Fund
The IMF's Factsheets, Survey, World Economic Outlook, financial data including spot and forward rates, press releases and commodity prices among others.
OECD Online (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development)
Economic and other international statistics; downloadable OECD documents.
The Internationalist
Country overview, market research reports, trade information, "doing business in..." information and links to related websites.
Country Studies/Area Handbook
From the Library of Congress. Cultural/Socio-economic information about countries. Can be very outdated.
European Central Bank
Includes Euro interest rate statistics.
The Salomon Smith Barney Guide to World Equity Markets 2000
Descriptions of stock markets from 81 nations.
Bureau of Economic Analysis International Accounts Data
Foreign direct investment in the United States and U.S. direct investment abroad.
the European Business Directory
U.S. Customs - Importing & Exporting
Links to databases and guidelines regarding exporting, including a
NAFTA link. From the U.S. Customs Service.
One Stop Internet Shop for Business
On the Gateway to the European Union site.  Links to EU business regulations from the Delegation of the European Commission to the United States.
Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation
Links to APEC nations and APEC services for business.
Monster Board Job Database
A very popular job search Web page. Can search by city and field. Not restricted to the United States.
JobHunt: On-Line Job Meta-List
Job-hunting websites are categorized very broadly by type of organization or field.
From the Wall Street Journal. Listings of professional jobs. Links to job-hunting advice and job market articles in particular industries.
Salary Expert
Domestic and international salary reports.  Find the average salary of a harpist in Kampala.  For a more accurate but less specific profile, try the Yearbook of Labour Statistics from the International Labour Organization.
Career Services
Mercer University Atlanta's Office of Career Services
FindLaw: Internet Legal Resources
COUNSEL QUEST - a premier internet legal resource locator
A guide to legal research on the Internet. Includes the topic "Business and Consumer Law."
Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute
Includes the U.S. Code before Jan. 1996.
National Archives and Records Administration
Online versions of the Code of Federal Regulations, the Federal Register, the United States Government Manual and other document available online through GPO Access.
Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet
UMich Documents Center
Government documents and information. Both domestic and international. Has a Michigan focus.
MultiState: State Legislative Presence on the Internet
Even critiques websites' quality. Not all fifty states are represented.
A collection of images and other information concerning over 7,000 advertisements chiefly focusing on Radio, Television, Transportation, Beauty and Hygiene, and World War II. Maintained by Duke University.
MRA Blue Book
Search for market research companies by state and/or research specialty.
@brint.com: The BizTech Network
links to full-text articles in Management Information Systems.
whatis?com: The IT-Specific encyclopedia
Information on computers and other aspects of information technology. Clear definitions.
Search ThomasNet.com, the most comprehensive resource for industrial information, products, services, CAD drawings, and more…
Information Please
Do not be misled by its snazzy - search-engine-like home page! The web version of the Information Please Almanac contains real data. Some of the topics under business include "Largest U.S. Businesses," "Passenger Car Production by Make" and "Livestock on Farms." "Country Facts" and "World Statistics" are also useful. Unfortunately, it takes a very long time to load.
SBA: Small Business Administration Home Page
BizPlanIt Home
A Web site to help users write business plans.
Examples of made-up business plans with interactive tables of contents.
American Venture Capital Exchange & M&A Service
Ventures seeking capital and buyers seeking companies.
and its lists. List of the richest people is organized alphabetically, by nationality and by net worth. Also searchable. Top 400 richest people / families in United States is searchable and sorted by worth, name, new money, families, drop outs and near misses.
Kelley Blue Book New Car Pricing and Bluebook Values
Ernst & Young
Contains downloadable publications like their Asia-Pacific Automotive Industry Study.


Business Statistics Website of business data
Websites found through this search engine have been approved by Business.com editors.
Business 2.0
Good subject breakdown of business websites.  Includes popular topics.
GRA Research Hotlinks
Over 100 links for international economic, political and business research
Price's List of Lists
Also from Gary Price, this page categorizes the links into subjects.
LSU Libraries Webliography for Finance, Insurance and Real Estate
Best of BUSLIB-L
Perhaps your question has been asked before. I found most of these websites from this listserv.

BigCharts - Stock Charts, Screeners, Interactive Charters, and Research Tools
From Marketwatch, this site provides several customizable tools to track the performance of stocks, markets, futures, and other up-to-the-minute financial information.

IRS - The Digital Daily: Income Tax Forms, Instructions, Publications, Regulations, and other stuff
From the Internal Revenue Service. Some overlap with the U.S. Treasury Department Web page information, but in a snazzy, mainstream format.

Includes the Economic Datebook: a calendar indicating when indexes and other statistics will be released. Includes mutual fund guide, car buyer's guide and a list of the best and safest cities. Do not trust the salary calculator or any HomeFair salary calculators you find on the Web.
InvestorGuide - The Leading Guide to Investing on the Web
A how-to of personal finances. Very large website for relatively objective financial information and advice.
Encompasses investing, real estate, insurance, taxes, borrowing, small business, etc.
The Better Business Bureau
Consumer advice and alerts. Information on mediation and dispute resolution.
North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)
The replacement of SIC codes.
STIC Codes
This Web page from Boston College lists the four-digit SITC codes and their corresponding descriptions.
Standard Industrial Classification Search
From the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). SIC code descriptions are searchable by keywords. Can also search by 4-digit SIC code. Link to how codes are organized.
The Best Performers (and worst performers) report and data gathered from S&P's COMPUSTAT database. Also Business Week's performance grades of the S&P 500. Available in March issue of Business Week each year. Use print or microfilm available in the Library.
Silicon Investor
Historical quotes from 1968 to today. Create charts. Includes education link with definitions and explanations.
Yahoo! Finance
Historical quotes available in spreadsheet format. Use ^spc for the S&P500 and djia for the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

BigCharts - Stock Charts, Screeners, Interactive Charters, and Research Tools
From Marketwatch, this site provides several customizable tools to track the performance of stocks, markets, futures, and other up-to-the-minute financial information.

Summaries, evaluations and ratings of mutual funds. Use Quicktake search. Annual return from last three years. Performance compared to the S&P Index. Top five holdings. For stocks, includes Morningstar Stock Grades, financials, stock performance.   Also see PriceWatehouseCoopers EDGARSCAN.
Yahoo! Finance:Mutual Fund Top Performers
Lists are categorized into types of stock funds, bond funds and hybrid funds. Lists top performers from past 3 months, 3 years and 5 years.
Lists top ten stocks on NYSE, ASE and NASDAQ by volume, net gain, net loss, percent gain and percent loss. Currency rate chart has dollar equivalent, bid and ask prices. Various personal finance calculators.
Market and splits calendars, quotes grouped by industry, intraday charts for four markets.
World Stock Exchanges
Links to international stock exchanges' Web pages.
World Federation of Exchanges
Data is slightly outdated. Downloadable statistical data including number of share traded, number of bonds issuers and gross amount of new capital raised.
Schaeffer's Research.com
Options data and guide to trading.
Global Financial Data Home Page
Historical, international and domestic market data.
Mutual Fund Fact Book
Annual overview of mutual fund performance.
Bonds Online
Look up specific corporate or municipal bonds. Gives S&P ratings and prices.

Best's Review

The insurance industry's premier monthly news magazine, delivers insightful, award-winning coverage of compelling topics such as agent/broker, life, property/casualty, reinsurance/capital markets, technology and more.

From GALILEO, use:
- EconLit (index of articles from economics journals)
- FactSearch (index of statistics on general topics)
- GPO Monthly Catalog (indexes U.S. government publications)
U.S. Census Bureau
The best website on the WWW. Links to Statistical Abstracts of the United States.
CenStats Databases
A collection of databases culled from US Census information including building permits, occupations by demographic, county business patterns and more.
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Includes a link to historical exchange rates, a list of financial holding companies, the Beige Book describing regional economic conditions, and to assets of foreign bank offices in the United States.
STAT - USA / Internet
Divided into "State of the Nation" and "GLOBUS & National Trade Data Bank." Similar to data which can be found on other U.S. government websites, but STAT-USA is current. Please ask a reference librarian for the password.
Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce
Nations with which U.S. imports/exports, balance of payments, U.S. direct investment and foreign direct investment. United States GDP, gross state product, input-output tables and regional economic accounts.
U.S. Treasury Department
Includes links to the International Trade Data System, Bureau of the Public Debt, IRS tax forms, and more!
FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data)
From the Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis. 3-month, 6-month and 1-year treasury bill rates. Auction average and secondary market. Monthly consumer price indexes and monthly interest rates. Federal debt. Historical data may be as early as 1941.
WOODROW: Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Interest and exchange rate charts. "What is a dollar worth?" is a handy consumer price index calculator for 1913-1998.

United States Chamber of Commerce - http://www.uschamber.com