The College of Continuing and Professinal Studies becomes Penfield College

Mercer University’s College of Continuing and Professional Studies will become Penfield College of Mercer University on July 1, 2014 to better reflect the breadth of its academic offerings – which range from workforce development certificate programs to a Ph.D. program –and its emerging status as a national leader in meeting the educational needs of adult learners from all walks of life.

The College’s new name has deep historical significance at Mercer. Josiah Penfield, a businessman and member of the First Baptist Church of Savannah, provided a $2,500 bequest “for education” that enabled Georgia Baptists in 1833 to found Mercer in a rural Greene County community named Penfield in recognition of Josiah’s bequest. The University relocated to Macon in 1871, but still maintains the Penfield site. The original campus includes the historic chapel (below), where freshmen convene each fall as part of an annual pilgrimage to the institution’s birthplace, and a cemetery where University namesake Jesse Mercer and several former Mercer presidents are buried.

Old Mercer Chapel, built by David Demarest in 1845, now the Penfield Baptist Church

“We know the faculty and students, as well as the College’s 4,500 alumni, will take great pride in and inspiration from the name Penfield College, given the significance of the Penfield name in Mercer’s storied history,” said Mercer President William D. Underwood. “For more than a quarter century, Mercer has been meeting the educational needs of adult students around the state, helping them to achieve their dreams of new vocations, personal enrichment, or leadership positions in their communities.”

The College of Continuing and Professional Studies was established in 2003, but was originally called the College of Continuing Education when it came to Mercer as part of Tift College’s merger with the University in the late 1980s. The College is committed to serving non-traditional students and currently enrolls more than 1,300 students on Mercer’s campuses in Atlanta and Macon, as well as Regional Academic Centers in Douglas County, Henry County, Newnan and Eastman.

Undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs are offered via campus-based, face-to face classes as well as online formats to working adult learners seeking professional advancement into leadership roles in and beyond their communities. Educational offerings provide students with distinctive, multidisciplinary programs that integrate theory and practice. The College also offers general education and elective courses for various colleges and schools at Mercer. Current areas of study include organizational leadership, counseling, communication, school counseling, human services, human resources, informatics, psychology, public safety leadership, pre-nursing and liberal studies.

“The renaming of the College beautifully ties our work to the innovative vision of the University’s founders,” said Dr. Priscilla R. Danheiser, who has served as dean of the College since 2008. “Our students and graduates, like Mercer’s founders, are transforming communities and organizations throughout the state. It is entirely fitting that the academic programs offered through this unit bear the name Penfield College of Mercer University.”

Librarians & Libraries Save the Day!

Libraries and Librarians appear in many movies. Here are some of our favorites.

Monty Python’s Flying Circus (1970) “Gorilla Librarian”. A gorilla applies for a job as a librarian. The search committee likes him since they “don’t believe that libraries should be drab places where people sit in silence…” so prefer to hire wild animals to make sure of that.  Monty Pythons Flying Circus
The Music Man (2003) with Kristin Chenoweth as Marion the Librarian.  Music Man
The Book Thief (2013). Leisel teaches herself to read by stealing books, but does get to read in the lovely private library of the private burgermeister  Book Theif
I Was A Shoplifter (1950). The horror! A librarian AND a thief!  I was a shoplifter
One Missed Call (2008). The trouble started in the library. Filmed at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta.  One Missed Call
The War of the Worlds (1953)
Librarian Sylvia (Ann Robinson) stays composed enough when assaulted by the alien in the basement with scientist Clayton (Gene Barry) wielding the axe.
 War of the Worlds
Gentlemen are Born (1934). When the young couple gets married out of college, she loses her job at the library because you have to be unmarried to be a librarian.  Gentlemen are born
Storm Center (1956). In this anti-McCarthyist film directed by Daniel Taradash (screenwriter of From Here to Eternity), Bette Davis plays a small-town librarian who is fired and branded as a Communist when she refuses to remove a controversial book from the library’s collection.  Storm Center
The Mummy (1999). The female lead is a librarian/egyptologist. And she is well read.  Mummy
Hugo (2011) features Hugo and Isabelle searching for information about her grandfather–  Hugo
The Breakfast Club (1985)  This quintessential 1980s high school drama was set in a library. The five students are  trapped in a day-long Saturday detention in a prison-like school library.  Breakfast Club
Desk Set (1957) Classic Hepburn and Tracy fall in love in the office. Hepburn is the network’s librarian.  Desk Set
Goblet of Fire (2005) Hogwarts library in Harry Potter’s. Libraries often appear during the Harry Potter movies.  Harry Potter
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989). “X marks the spot!” – in the library  Indian Jones
The Librarian: Return to King Solomon’s Mines (2006)
Librarian-turned-adventurer Flynn Carsen endeavors to find King Solomon’s mines. But really, all librarians are already adventurers.

Please tell us about your favorite movie starring a library!

Early Years of Pharmacy Education in Georgia


Pharmacy education in Georgia started with the establishment of the Atlanta College Pharmacy in 1891. This college was established from the Atlanta Medical College’s pharmacy department.  The college was the first pharmacy school in Georgia.

Early Years of Pharmacy Education in Georgia Timeline

1854 – Atlanta Medical College founded
1874 – First degree of Graduate in Pharmacy (Ph.G) was established.
1875 – Georgia Pharmaceutical Association founded.
1876 – Georgia Pharmaceutical Association enacted bills to regulate the sale of poisons in the state of Georgia
1881 – Department of Pharmacy at Atlanta Medical College became inactive.
1881 – Board of Pharmaceutical Examiners established.
1890 – George Frederick Payne appointed state chemist of Georgia
1890 – George Payne elected as a Georgia Pharmaceutical Association delegate to the US Pharmacopoeia Convention.
1891 – Atlanta College Pharmacy founded as the first college of Pharmacy in Georgia with George Payne the leading educator.
1891 – George Payne appointed to the Georgia State Board of Pharmacy.
1899 – George Payne appointed Dean of Atlanta College
1904 – National Association of Boards of Pharmacy was founded. George Payne served as first vice–president.
1903 – College of Pharmacy founded at University of Georgia in Athens, Mercer University in Macon and Southern College of Pharmacy in Atlanta.
1910 – Atlanta College Pharmacy incorporated and became an independent institution under the leadership of George Payne
1923 – George Frederick Payne died.
1924 – Atlanta College Pharmacy was sold to William Andrews Medlock
1927 – Atlanta College Pharmacy Closed

There were many reasons why the Atlanta College Pharmacy closed. George Frederick Payne was a major force behind the founding & operations of the college and once he died no one was able to continue with his vision.  There was also an increase in the early 1900’s of colleges offering a pharmacy degree.  In 1875 there were only 14 pharmacy colleges in the US and by 1908 there were 75.

Historic materials from the Atlanta College Pharmacy are available at the Swilley Library’s Archives & Special Collections including:

For more information about Atlanta College of Pharmacy history see H. Douglas Johnson’s article George Frederick Payne and the Atlanta College of Pharmacy  [Vol. 27 (1985) No.1 pages  22-31].

Paper Airplane Flight Contest

Monday, April 28th – Thursday, May 1.

Think you’ve got what it takes to make a paper airplane to surpass all other airplanes?
Do you secretly imagine yourself as a World War I flying ace ready for a dogfight?
Do you need to relieve a little stress from studying?
Take a break at the Swilley Library Service Desk and make a paper airplane.
See if your plane can go the distance.

The airplane that goes the longest distance wins!

Contest Rules:

  1. Airplane must be made out of just one sheet of paper.
  2. Paper planes have to be built at the library with the provided official paper.
  3. Plane must be launched by one person throwing the plane unaided from behind the launch line.

Winner will be announced on Facebook on Friday, May 2.

Join us at the Swilley Library for These Stress Relief Activities:

  • Free Snacks and Drinks
  • Paper Airplane Flight Contest