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Freedom in America Display @Swilley Library (Atlanta)

As we celebrate America's birthday, let's remember America's storied fight for freedom -- from the Revolutionary War to the Civil War; from the Underground Railroad heading north to freedom rides in the south; to today's fight for refugee, immigrant, gender, gay, and religious rights and freedoms.  Join Swilley Library for an evolving display on Freedom in America, now through Labor Day weekend. 

There will be changes to the display every few weeks.  Like us on Facebook page for updates.


Inspired? Want to write a paper or design a lesson plan around America's Fight for Freedom?  Ask a Librarian for help finding resources.


Learn more about about America's Fight for Freedom online at PBS:  Freedom: A History of US.


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APA workshops @ Swilley Library (Atlanta)

Swilley Library in Atlanta will be holding APA citation workshops on Saturday, July 8th, and Thursday, July 20th, at 3:00 pm in the Hendricks Classroom in the lower level of the library.

Whether you are starting from scratch and need a crash course, or you are looking for a refresher on the finer points of APA citation style, come join librarians Stephen Michaels and Florence Tang to go over the basics, tackle some citing exercises, and troubleshoot common and not-so-common issues with the important task of citing your research.

Email or for more information.

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